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Grizzly Science #2 Vignette: Piercings

Author's Note: I decided to write a short one-shot again about Grant, and Vince – involving Piercings (which takes place a little bit after the events of Grizzly Science #2) Here ya go. ;)

A mild warning: Quite a bit of suggestive content and dialogue, although there's no explicit nudity described.


Grant sipped at his drink, while cuddled up with Vince, as they watched two men in underwear wrestle each other on a slippery plastic mat. They were also in shorts, and nothing else at a Underbear party. Some of the beefier men went nude to his private delight. There was nothing better than seeing near-naked men strut their stuff. Well, except for having Vince with him. Brent was gone out of town again for work, and he thought it was a perfect chance to introduce him to a few other people. 

Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 15)

Author's Note:

Hey folks – I greatly apologize for being absent for the last couple months or so. Hope people haven't forgotten this place yet ;) Here's the last installment of Grizzly Science #2 for you to read.

Thank you to tpkyteroo for helping me focus on writing this! This is currently the 3rd rewrite since before the "Great Wipe"

Onto the story!

Chapter 15

Grant moaned softly as he flipped to his side, facing the nightstand. Yawning as he opened his eyes blearily to glance at the alarm, Grant grunted under his breath. A barely coherent thought flitted through his brain - Fuck. Only ten in the morning. Ugh. Feels like I only got 4 hours of sleep. Serves me right for doing another all night marathon -- should put a pot of coffee on...


Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 14)

Author's Note: Thanks to Bill for helping me muddle through the sex scene... and Galen for his invaluable help by proofreading this! :)

Warning: A bit more sexual going ons this chapter :) Enjoy.

Chapter 14

Brent was puttering around in the kitchen, and setting three bowls on the counter. He scooped a big helping of ice cream into each bowl, and hummed to himself quietly. He glanced at the TV from the kitchen, and shook his head with a small smile. Vince was watching a "Doctor Who" Special on TV that he also liked to watch occasionally from their DVD collection. Looks like we might have something else in common...

Licking some melted ice cream off his finger, Brent reached into the drawer for the spoons with his free hand, and plunked one in each bowl. With that done, he put the ice cream back into the lower freezer of the refrigerator.


Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 13)

Author's Note:

It's about time I managed to finish this chapter. A big Thanks to Galen for his help in polishing up this chapter! :)

Hm, the story's almost over. ;) I'm kinda sad to see this one almost done. Hope people are still enjoying this.

Chapter 13

Vince stared avidly at Brent's rounded gut covered in red, thick downy fur. It made his mouth water, as Brent wriggled his grey T-shirt over his head. He flushed as the shirt fell over it, and looked away before Brent noticed. He was sitting at the edge of the bed, waiting for Brent to finish dressing. "So, um, where are we going?"

Brent paused, then pulled the t-shirt the rest of the way down, and leaned over to the bed to grab his pants. "Well, Grant suggested we go out to Grizz's for dinner." He slipped one leg inside his pants, and glanced upward with an arched eyebrow. "Unless you wanna stay in?" 


Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 12)

Author's Note:

WHEW. Finally this is finished. I foresee at least approximately 1 or 2 chapters to go before I actually complete this story. Thanks to my friends on FN for their help in resolving some of my difficulties!

Onto the story!

Chapter 12

Two minutes later, Grant had Vince slowly lay on his stomach onto the bed. He frowned as Vince wore a grimace of pain on his face while trying to get comfortable. Taking his cigar out of his mouth, he spoke gruffly. "Try to get comfy." He went to the nearest ashtray which was behind him on the dresser and tapped ash off his lit cigar. He placed it into the ashtray, turned around, and tried to decide how to start.

Vince bit back a groan as he tried to find a good position for his arms and legs that took the pressure off his back. Vince winced slightly every time his back twinged with sharp pain, until he found the position that gave him very little trouble and stayed there.


Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 11)

Author's Note:

Thanks to Bill for his help in getting the beginning parts started! I wanna give thanks to deathklat for his help on this as well! :)

Also – Sorry for being a bit late. Enjoy!

Chapter 11

Fifteen minutes later, Grant gathered their clothes for tonight's dinner, and bundled them neatly on the chair next to the tall sturdy dresser opposite the bed. He turned around, then leaned back against the wooden drawers. Grant exhaled softly, gazing around the room at the floor for something. "Mmm... now what? Ah. There's your sweats." He knelt halfway down to pick up the sweats, and tossed them to Vince.

Vince caught them with one hand then wriggled his feet through the leg holes, with a soft grunt. He managed to get them halfway up his legs, then he glanced at the big bear turning around to rummage through the third drawer from the top. He held his breath as he was treated to the majestic sight of rippling muscle and rounded globes which were spread apart slightly at that angle.