"A Grizzly Christmas"

Author's Note: 

Thanks to deathklat (a friend of mine) for his help in naming this short fluff piece for Christmas, and with keeping this thing short. God knows I'd have kept writing lol.

Onto the short fic :)

Snow fell heavily outside, as Grant lifted the curtain aside to peek outside. He smiled wistfully as the snow flakes fell languidly to the ground. It was like an untouched white paradise out there, and it was a shame that people would have to shovel tomorrow. Letting the curtain drop, he turned around, and took a deep breath, then smiled.

He glanced around the room, and walked to their tree. Grant lightly touched one of the branches of their christmas tree, feeling pride well up inside him. We did a great job on the tree. Brent and I. That's something I'd never thought would happen with anyone else. A relationship. It's also been a year - this would be our first Christmas. 

Flashing lights twinkled amongst ornaments, as Grant saw and fingered a small wooden sleigh fondly. The sleigh had been carved by Grant when he was a kid, and painted for his parents. It was almost all he had left of them, other than his own memories. I'm happy it lasted this long. 

Grant's fingers lingered on the sleigh, and murmured under his breath. "Too bad you never got to meet Brent..." He closed his eyes for only a second, then exhaled softly. "I hope you'll watch over him as well."

Brent came out of the kitchen carrying two clear mugs filled with egg-nog. "Hey, hon. Made a new batch." He smiled affectionately. "Merry Christmas, love."

Grant chuckled and took the mug. "Merry Christmas to you too." He impulsively leaned in to kiss Brent on the lips, and held them there. He pulled back with warm gruffness in his eyes. "I love you too."

Brent looked dazed as Grant pulled back. His mouth split open in a wide and silly grin. "I know. Drink your eggnog."

Grant chuckled, and gulped his eggnog. "Good stuff. It's actually better than mine?"

Brent flushed with an embarrassed smile. "Why thank you. I put in some brandy."

Grant nodded, and sipped again, appreciatively. "Ah. That's really good." He walked around the coffee table, and sat down on it with his eggnog, then propping his legs up. He patted the spot next to him.

Brent took him up on his invitation and snuggled up against him; he watched the lights on the tree flicker with a small smile. He cradled his mug in his hands, and nursed his eggnog.

Grant settled his bulk and wrapped his arm around Brent's shoulders, drawing him as close as possible. He smiled softly, as the brandy buzzed in his brain and stomach temporarily. His last thought before he relaxed completely with Brent by his side was a pleasant one.

I have family again and I'm thankful. 



  1. sweet story thanks for sharing the link back at the chat room.


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