X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 1)

Here's another story of mine that I thought I'd post. A fanfiction based on X-men, and taking place after the third movie. This was also kinda influenced by the many many fics I saw with Logan being 'slashed' into what I consider 'fuck fics' - stories with varied pairs/orgies without any explanation, rhyme or reason to why he's screwing Scott Summers or others, other than what the author considers a hot pair. This is my, well, hopefully, story on how Logan/Wolverine COULD actually realize he could be gay. (Many thanks to my Beta-reader Kindar :))

Btw, if there are any necessary keywords that aren't listed for this entry, lemme know what I'm missing. :)

Chapter 1

A lanky man in his mid 20's was walking down the street at night. It was a chilly November night, but he didn't worry about anything since he knew this neighborhood, and he lived five blocks from his job.
It was almost time to go to his parent's house in a couple weeks for Thanksgiving. He wasn't looking forward to it -- but only because they kept asking questions about him getting a girlfriend.
They would always say, "Tad, why don't you settle down and find a girlfriend?"

Tad would always give the generic answer, "I've been too busy with work." He knew it probably wouldn't work too much longer before they would start to suspect him.

It wasn't like he liked girls. He did. Just not the way his relatives wanted him to like them. Tad just preferred them to be his friends, and always got tongue tied in front of the men. He tended to avoid the men at his workplace and in social situations. It wasn't that he wasn't friendly -- far from it, he was simply painfully shy around men he considered attractive, and that was quite a few of them.
Any simply decent guy held an allure for him in a variety of different ways. But they tended to have the same features -- husky, and hairy.

He hunched over, pulling his coat flaps closer together at a sudden wind that whipped through his jacket. Tad was lost in his thoughts as he didn't hear footsteps shuffling behind and in front of him.
It took a bump into a solidly built guy to snap Tad out of his musing.

He stumbled backwards, about to apologize. His words died off as he realized he was surrounded by four guys who had hostile expressions on their faces. Tad didn't recognize any of them, but the leader seemed vaguely familiar.

He started backing up, but two guys moved behind him and grabbed him by each arm.
Tad grunted as he tried to break free, but it was hopeless from the start. A flash of emotion ran through him -- the urge to escape was beginning to emerge layered inside the fear that was welling up inside him. 

His voice sounded harsh, even to himself.

"What do you want? My money? You can have whatever you want. Don't hurt me."

The solid guy sneered. "Nah. I think you're a faggot. You were staring at me at the bar the other night a bit too long."

Tad felt his stomach turn to ice water. Dammit. That bar was straight. He should have known. He'd thought everyone had just been a bit distant that night. Polite, but uninterested.

Tad must have let his fear show, for the solid guy stepped forward. "Told you. I knew he was a faggot."

Without another word, Tad doubled over as a heavy punch landed in his stomach. Stars exploded in his mind as the pain screamed in his ears. Or was that him screaming in pain?

The second guy started punching him in the side while the first smacked his face. The two guys holding him stood fast and kept him there, despite his struggling.

Tad was starting to feel woozy from the repeated injuries, and had a split lip. He managed to move his face upward to look at the leader's face -- and saw only disgust and hate.

He dropped his head, trying to endure the punching. He wanted to be anywhere but here. Tad squeezed his eyes shut as the leader smacked his face again.

Pain. It gave him something to run away from within his mind. 

His addled mind focused on his longing to be safe in his living room. Even though he couldn't exactly form a coherent picture, something was taking place.

The leader hesitated, and stepped back with shock.

A white aura was starting to flash around Tad's body.

Tad panted heavily, half from the pain, and feeling weird sensations flow through his body. As if parts of him were fading away, and yet not. 

The leader swore obscenely, his visage full of hatred. "He's a damn mutie. Kill him!"

The two guys had let go of Tad once he started glowing. Another guy had a baseball bat and was about to swing downward on Tad's head.

It never managed to get close enough.

Tad had glowed brightly for a second, and disappeared in a flash of smoke, sending the other 4 guys in sudden darkness.

They stood there, paused in fear, then started running.

* * *

He knelt, hands and feet on the floor of his apartment. His thoughts ran wild with surprise, along with fear gripping his heart. He stared at his shaking hand without seeing it.

I'm a mutant! I can't be...

He groaned in exhaustion as he collapsed on the floor.

* * *

A week went by as Tad slowly healed, and debated what to do. He had called in for sick leave for a week, and was due back to work soon. Tad didn't want to return to work while he still showed bruises on his face.

He had tried to avoid thinking about his new... mutancy. It was something he didn't know how to handle, and wasn't sure if he wanted to explore it.

Tad was planning to come out at Thanksgiving, but he wasn't so sure it was a good idea anymore.
A quiet knock came at the door. Tad froze, unsure what to expect.

He went to the front door, and peeked through the peephole. He was surprised to see two females -- a young one with blonde hair, and one of indeterminate age with pure white hair.

Tad opened the door cautiously, and spoke quietly. "Who are you?"

The woman with the white hair smiled slightly. "I'm Ororo Munroe. This is Brenda, a student of mine." She seemed ageless, and in her mid-twenties as well. 'Brenda' was smiling in a preoccupied way.

Tad peered at them. They seemed trustworthy, but one never could tell. After a moment of thinking, he slowly opened the door. "Um, okay."

The two females walked in and waited expectantly. Tad shut the door and turned to them. "So, um, what do you want?"

Ororo spoke softly. "We're from Xavier's Academy for the Gifted."

Tad was puzzled. Why would they want to take me there...?

Brenda seemed to focus on him, with a frown on her face. She finally spoke, "It's a school for mutants like us to learn their gifts."

Tad blinked. OH. They wanted to take him to the school to learn his... freak abilities. He wasn't sure how he felt about being a mutant yet.

He turned away from them and exhaled. "...How'd you find me?"

Ororo had slowly stepped toward him. "Our Professor is the head of the Academy who's a powerful telepath who sensed your mutant abilities manifest."

Brenda stayed where she was, gazing around the apartment silently.

Tad turned around and frowned. "He probably knows everything about me."

Ororo shook her head with heartfelt vehemence. "No! He doesn't pry unless he has permission."

Tad shrugged. "Whatever. So, you're inviting me there to 'learn' my powers?"

Ororo nodded, vaguely disturbed by Tad's aloof attitude. "Yes, and meet many people like you."

Brenda kept silent, but knew exactly what was going on with Tad, or at least his general feelings.

Tad was broadcasting a low grade fear but his face didn't betray it.

Many people like him. He snorted to himself privately. He doubted many of them were even gay. He nodded silently, then spoke.

"Okay. Let's go."

Ororo nodded with a small smile. "Why don't you pack a few things before we go?"

Tad nodded quietly, and went into his bedroom. It took him several minutes to throw together a few changes of clean clothing in a duffel bag he kept in his closet. He did make sure to include some of the basic toiletries from the bathroom.

A sudden thought as he stowed the last of his basic needs in the bag, to grab a book of his.

The book was called "Jumper" by Steven C Gould. He smiled as he caressed the worn cover, and idly wondered if the guy who wrote the book was a teleporter himself?

He wasn't a hard-core science fiction geek, but this book captured his imagination. Maybe being a mutant... with the power of teleportation wasn't so bad... and if he could learn to use it...

Stuffing the book in his bag, he zipped up the duffel bag, and slung it over his shoulder. Walking out of the bedroom, Brenda smiled at him.

Tad smiled politely back. This young woman was slightly weird. He didn't know what to make of her, except that she was probably a mutant of some sort like him.

He gazed at Ororo, and nodded once. "...I think I'm ready."

Ororo smiled, then led him to their car, and invited Tad to get in front, while Brenda took the back seat. He climbed into the seat, and adjusted it for his longer legs.

"Your seat belt."

Tad shrugged, feeling a vague ghost of annoyance but buckled up anyways. He didn't really know where they were going, and he wasn't sure he wanted to go with these people, but what other option did he have?

It wasn't like there was anyone else who could help him with his new power. He hadn't had time to call his relatives, to tell them he'd not make Thanksgiving.

Ororo tried her best to engage Tad in conversation. Her questions seemed innocuous and friendly, but Tad wasn't sure if she was simply curious, or good-natured.

Brenda hung between the seats, leaning forward in the space in front. She started chattering about things in general and seemingly at random.

Then Brenda gazed at Tad directly. "...I bet you haven't been to a hospital since your fight?"

Ororo whipped a glare at Brenda, commanding silence.

Tad felt sullen, and withdrew inside himself again. "It's nothing. I'm fine."

Ororo pressed her lips together, then softened her expression as she spoke gently. "I'm sorry. We noticed the fading bruises... We'll have one of our doctors check you out just in case."

Brenda had the grace to look embarrassed, and sat back. "Sorry, man. I wasn't thinking."

Tad shrugged, not really wanting to reminisce that night again. "It's okay."

* * *

It was several minutes before both females gave up trying to get Tad to open up.

Tad was sunk in his own contemplation. The gay-bashing had left it's effect on him -- all men that looked burly now made him skittish. He had realized what he had done once he saw the book he had stashed in his duffel.

That hadn't filled him with joy as he'd expect. It just meant his freakishness had a name. Even though it wasn't entirely unwelcome to be able to go anywhere he wanted without a passport.


His mind was shaken out of his preoccupation several hours later when Ororo pulled into a gate that swung open.

Brenda was leaning forward between the two chairs in front with a beaming grin. She noticed Tad was paying attention again, and pointed at the building in front of them. "That's the Academy."

Tad was starting to be awed by the majestic building -- the grounds were well groomed and he was starting to perk up. Other mutants like him were here. He would be able to relax without worrying about people trying to beat him up...

His eyes clouded over for a second. Unless they found out he was gay -- then perhaps they'd find a reason. He shook his gloom off and forced a smile on his face.

Brenda felt saddened by what she was picking up from Tad. He was incredibly lonely, that much she could tell, and scared. She resolved to try doing something for him, once she figured out what he needed.

She patted his shoulder, and smiled brightly. "You'll like it here, I know it."

Tad felt slightly heartened at her optimism. "I hope so."

* * *

Tad was amazed at what seemed to be a large mansion, as Ororo led him through the central room, and into a hall. Brenda had trotted behind them.

Tad devoured everything he could see. No matter that this was an academy, it seemed a home fit for kings. He started to wonder what the owner was like. He hadn't seen many people roaming around, but it seemed to be about dinner time so they probably were eating somewhere.

That reminded him -- he hadn't eaten since lunch, as his stomach rumbled. He hoped no one heard it. Neither seemed to notice anyway, although he was pretty sure they probably were hungry too.

Ororo led them to big oaken doors and opened them. She stopped and gestured for Tad to go first.

Tad suddenly felt shy, and resisted for a moment. He noticed a man in a wheelchair smile warmly. His resistance flowed away as he stepped inside. This must be Professor Xavier.

The man's smile broadened as he wheeled around the desk. "Yes. I'm Professor Xavier. You must be Tad. Welcome to the Academy."

Tad felt uncomfortable being in the presence of the aforementioned 'powerful telepath', as Ororo had mentioned. The professor's eyes twinkled with warmth and amusement, as he glanced Ororo's way.

"Uh, Hi. Yes. I'm Tad. Um, nice to meet you."

The Professor nodded. "It's very nice to meet you too." He took Tad's hand in his and shook it, before wheeling himself back behind the desk.

Tad felt timid, despite feeling welcome. There was something disarming about the Professor -- something that made him nonthreatening. "So, you can read my mind?"

The Professor nodded. "Yes. That's how I found you. I can sense new mutants occasionally if they're strong enough."


Professor Xavier clasped his hands together, looking serene. "We hope you will stay. It is entirely voluntary. We will teach you how to reach your fullest capacity."

Tad nodded. "Right. I guess I could do it."

Footsteps echoed behind Tad and a voice rumbled out in an unmistakably male voice. "That the new one?"

Tad whirled around in surprise.

A swarthy man with muttonchops and stubble around his chin had swaggered in with a cigar in his hand.

He stopped as a look of confusion flitted across his face.

A flash of pure lust swept through him, as he stared at Wolverine for a moment.

Wow. He's hot! Wait. No, keep him away!

Absolute fear coursed through him as memories exploded in a flash from the beating. He panicked and scrambled to the side, broadcasting fear, and suddenly vaguely started to think of his living room again.

A slight glow began to shimmer around him, as his eyes shut tightly. He didn't notice Ororo or Brenda try to catch him as he tripped over a chair leg. His head grazed the corner of the desk and pain was all he knew, as blackness obscured his vision.


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