Tomorrow People Fic: "Jade's Discovery" (Short Ficlet)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in the Tomorrow People. All rights should go to Roger Price for that. The story is mine, however. Surprisingly - I didn't have to edit at all, really. Nothing stuck out as MUST EDIT. Heh. Enjoy! 

* * = Telepathy
( ) = Private Thoughts
~ ~ = Animal Telepathy

Teaser: Jade discovers something pretty cool while walking her dog. 

Tomorrow People Fic: "Jade's Anger" (Short Ficlet)

Disclaimers: I own ALL of the Tomorrow People. Roger Price lost his rights as they went off the air. The story is also mine. Enjoy...oh. (heh...I meant to say, I own *none* of the Tomorrow People...) 

Teaser: Jade has a bittersweet realization about her Crush on Megabyte.

2017 - Note: Story has been revamped slightly, only to make it less clunky in my opinion. But it's mostly preserved as it is. 

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Tomorrow People Fic: "Bad Luck Breakout!" (Short Fic)

Disclaimer: I do not own the Tomorrow People, other than the lead character, "Jonas". The rest is owned by Roger Price, Thames TV, etc etc. 

Note: This is a story I came up with from something called a "Hat Challenge", which is a way to combine characters from shows you *would* write about, along with plot cliches that seem to pop up everywhere. This is a story I was encouraged to write to be entered in a fanfic competition, which sadly, I didn't win, but here is the story for you to read. The idea was to write about a breakout with a word limit of 2000, using my own idea, or a pregenerated introduction the fanfic competition had laid out. I managed to make it fit within 1925 words, I believe. Thanks Elizabeth Stanway for beta-reading this fanfic! (Updated in 2017) I don't really remember when I initially did write and finish this though. There is some editing but not much beyond formatting, really. 

/ / means Private Thoughts. 
[ ] means Telepathic Thoughts


Surprise!: An Extracurricular Activities Fic: Chapter 4

Author's Note: Sorry this is a pretty long chapter - but I decided to split the story up by the days similar to how DyneWulf does his game. 

Day 2: July

Morning brings another limb-entangled sleep between us. The best kind. I blink sleepily as I yawn. I groan, as I try to wriggle out of Chester's iron-fisted grip around me. It only makes him draw me closer, and tighter. I kiss his snout, making him mumble happily.

I am filled with the sudden, desperate need to go to the bathroom. "Chester? Chester! I gotta pee!… Let go of me, please -" He blinks sleepily, rolls over on his back, releasing me, and promptly letting out a loud snore. I envy him being able to go back to sleep just like that, but I'm glad he let go of me. I hastily make my escape and use the bathroom. I return and glance at his alarm clock. It's about 7 right now. I guess I should pop in the shower, despite staring at Chester's naked, broad frame, covered by a thin sheet.

Surprise!: An Extracurricular Activities Fic: Chapter 3

Day 1: July

Urk. One more day until the party. I'm nervous.  I've got a lot to do to prepare. But I have all morning to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow. At least they had generic birthday signs and balloons that I can use. I'm going to be staying at Chester's tonight. I've been trying to take time to get things done, and keep up with spending time with Chester, and I… don't think he's the wiser - I hope he'll be surprised. Fingers crossed.

Surprise: An Extracurricular Activities Fic: Chapter 2

Day 26: June

The next morning I blink sleepily. Where am I? Oh. Chester. I'm in Chester's bed? Oh. Right. I stayed the night. The first thing that registers to me is something hot and throbbing pushing insistently against my butt.  My face turns crimson as I realize Chester's got morning wood - Damn! It never fails to impress me how big he is.

Surprise!: An Extracurricular Activities Fic: Chapter 1

Author's note: Big Kudos for DyneWulf for creating his Extracurricular Activities game. It's awesome - you can find it at :)  

If you feel like supporting him, it's definitely worth it :) I was inspired by a snippet of information he'd shared about Chester's birthday being the 5th of July - and it was around June 25th when I started. Unfortunately it took me a month or so to actually finish it - so Chester's Gift was a wee bit late. ;) 

Plus - this story is going to be largely PG-13 veering on R. Enjoy! 

Day 25: June
I'm lounging against the headboard on Chester's bed, watching him play another Elder Parchments game.
He grumbles off and on at the dialogue, but I don't mind since I have an excellent view of his backside, and his gently swaying tail. It's so hypnotizing, especially the base of the tail resting over plump cheeks covered skin-tight leopard briefs.