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Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 9)

Chapter 9
Vince was idly fingering Grant's stomach fur, and feeling supremely comfortable. He had listened in amazement to the big bear's story on meeting Brent. No wonder Grant seemed to be insatiable -- it was the nanites that were running around inside his body. "And I wondered how you had so much stamina..., well, your age."

Grant chuckled mischievously, and turned to put his cigar out in the ashtray on the nightstand. "Well, I probably could keep up even without these things inside me, given the shape I'm in..." He turned back then gently rubbed Vince's hand; he then pushed it lower onto his crotch and growled. "Rub it."

Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 8)

Author's Note: Here I do bring up the question of safer sex… and mainly plot and conversation ;)

Chapter 8

Brent groaned as a beam of sunlight flickered across his eyes. He squinted at the curtain which was partially open, and tried to shift his head out of the sun. He didn't want to wake up yet. In between sleep and awake, Brent floated in a warm and fuzzy feeling while Grant's arms were wrapped around him in a snug hold. His mind drifted to full awareness within moments, as he wished he could spend all day here.

His comfortable surroundings were shattered by the phone ringing, ruining his mood. Brent grunted, reaching for the phone, and feeling pissed. He sat up, and answered with a terse reply. "Yeah?"

Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 7)

Author's Note: Here you go, folks, as promised. ;)

Warning: Explicit Sexual Situations Ahead! (Still)

Chapter 7

In a panic, he froze in place.

His first and immediate thought was "Oh fuck." He felt overwhelming guilt, until he noticed Brent's tenting erection clad in his underwear. Grant snapped his glance up to his lover's face.

Brent had an odd smile on his face, then suddenly gripped Grant's arm, and forcibly led him into the bedroom without another word.

Grant knew he could have easily yanked his arm out of his lover's grip, but he was curious as to what was running through Brent's mind.


I'm gonna post tomorrow. Way too tired tonight to think. Laters.

Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 6)

Author's Note: More sexual fun! Hehe. Yes, don't worry. More plot IS coming… ;)

Chapter 6

Grant held Vince against his body in a tight embrace, then let go, feeling guilty about enjoying this too much. He glanced at the couch, then at Vince. Despite his desire to fuck the cub again, he knew he should quit and talk to Brent.

He spoke gruffly, caressing Vince's cheek with shrouded affection. "You should go back to sleep. We'll talk later today."

Vince nodded, smiling slightly. He felt slight dizziness flash through him as exhaustion claimed him.
His eyes closed and he sagged into Grant's arms.

Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 5)

Chapter 5

Warning: More Sexual Situations up ahead…

Grant dimly realized he was dreaming. Again.

He crouched on all fours, sniffing the air. He darted his eyes around the clearing he was in, ringed by tall trees. Part of him realized that the place he was in was different. The other part -- the instinctual part sniffed for something familiar.

A familiar scent edged with muskiness caught his nose, and he bounded with excitement toward it. It had a strange flavor to it but it held his nose like a magnet.

After what seemed like endless running, he skidded to a stop when the trees around him thinned in front of a creek.

Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 4)

Author's Note: Sorry for being a few days late – I was way too exhausted the other night to get up the energy to post this. Hope everyone enjoys this! (Apparently Blogger was having issues the other night)

Warning: Explicit Sexual Situations ahead.

Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 3)

Warning: Explicit Sexual Situations ahead.

Chapter 3

After Grant started the washer, he went to the kitchen, and started warming up Brent's share of the takeout he had bought before.

Brent waited for Vince to come out of the bedroom, while sitting on a plush chair to the right of the bed-couch. He wanted to hear Vince's story for himself. He only had gotten snippets from Grant and it wasn't enough to convince him... yet.

Vince came walking out of the bedroom, feeling rather timid. He wasn't used to wearing pajamas in front of virtual strangers, and preferred to sleep nude.

Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 2)

Chapter 2
In between bites, Grant managed to get the whole story out from Vince.

Vince had spoken of his parents who were loving and caring, and then cold and distant the moment he had come out to them several months ago.

He had lost his job and apartment the week later -- due to a rumor that he slept with men.

Grizzly Science 2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 1)

Author's Note: Well, here's another Grizzly Science story for your enjoyment. It takes place sometime after "Grizzly Christmas".

Chapter 1

Grant sat at the booth in Grizz's Bar n' Grill alone. Brent had called him several hours ago on his new cell phone that he'd be a bit late getting home.  On mutual agreement, they had both chipped in for two phones several years ago, when they couldn't reach the other immediately.

He decided that he'd surprise Brent with some takeout, so he had called ahead to find out if they had takeout service available. They did, to his pleased surprise, so he ordered what Brent and he liked when he arrived at the bar.

He sat back, glancing at several good-looking men with cursory attention, not settling on any one of them. He grinned mentally as his dick twitched at several bearish men who were playing pool.