Grizzly Science #2 Vignette: Piercings

Author's Note: I decided to write a short one-shot again about Grant, and Vince – involving Piercings (which takes place a little bit after the events of Grizzly Science #2) Here ya go. ;)

A mild warning: Quite a bit of suggestive content and dialogue, although there's no explicit nudity described.


Grant sipped at his drink, while cuddled up with Vince, as they watched two men in underwear wrestle each other on a slippery plastic mat. They were also in shorts, and nothing else at a Underbear party. Some of the beefier men went nude to his private delight. There was nothing better than seeing near-naked men strut their stuff. Well, except for having Vince with him. Brent was gone out of town again for work, and he thought it was a perfect chance to introduce him to a few other people. 
Vince had been reluctant to go - mainly because the invitation had been extended by the same guy he didn't really like all that much, yet his desire to see an underwear party helped him decide. It also helped that Grant reassured him that Terry wouldn't push his attentions on him. He turned his focus back onto the two chubby men wrestling, then drank some Diet Coke to slake his thirst.

He had suffered a mild case of butterflies at the idea of stripping down to his boxer briefs in front of everyone, but went ahead at Grant's urging. With the big guy, Vince felt safe, so felt better about being almost naked. And his self-esteem had gotten a boost when he'd gotten a few whistles from a few random bearish men as they wandered throughout the dimly lit room.

Grant ruffled Vince's hair, and gazed around, feeling damn good. He shifted his hips a bit, and tried to relax. All the testosterone flying around was starting to affect his libido again. It also didn't help that he could acutely feel Vince's own lust affecting him as well. He let out a snort, and mentally pushed the nanites toward suppressing his more obvious signs of arousal.

As usual, his brain was in the gutter as his libido kept increasing the longer he drank in the sight of the beefy men. Damn, if I could just roll the cub onto his back right here, I'd fuck him silly. I wonder if anyone would care or not?

His eyes fell on a couple of brutish men making out at the far end by a table. All Grant could make out was that there was definitely a lot of groping going under the table. As for whether they were actually masturbating each other was uncertain. There were rules but it seemed like some of them didn't mind bending them a bit.

There was also a large room further into the building where one could freely have an orgy if they so wished. Hmm... Wonder if Vin'd be up to going back there and having fun...? Nah, I should wait till we get home. I had a difficult enough time getting him to come here. Grant swallowed the rest of his bourbon and set it aside on the bench. He was starting to feel a bit of an enjoyable buzz.

The music also relaxed him, with it's eddies and sharp twangs. He didn't know the song, but it wasn't bad listening.

Vince rested his head on Grant's shoulder, and held his soda in his hands, resting them in his lap. His attention was barely focused on the wrestlers who had swapped for two slimmer guys.

Grant leaned his head down to Vince's slightly, and spoke. "Aren't you having fun?"

Vince's head craned upward, and then he smiled. "Yep. Just a little tired."

Grant chuckled. "Quite a bit of eye candy here, though."

Vince pulled himself away and laughed, then drank some more soda. "I have the best eye candy here with me already."

The older bear's eyes twinkled with good humor, as he shouldered Vince gently. "Oh, the flattery will get you everything. At least with me!" He grew more serious. "Honestly, I'm sure you could dance with someone here or mingle. That's why we came here - to gawk at hot hunky men, yes, but also meet people."

Grant paused, then continued. "I am all for sitting here with you and playing men-watching, but there must be some men you wouldn't mind becoming friends with."

Vince stared incredulously at his Dad, and frowned. "Here? Wait... You're not getting rid of me?"

Grant laughed heartily. "Fuck no. I'm still taking you home with me. I thought since you've been with us for the last six months... you hardly go out unless it's with us. I, well, just thought you might want to strike up some sort of friendship with some of them." He shrugged, and chuckled ruefully. "Granted, this probably isn't the greatest place, but it'll give you a chance to meet other men."

Vince studied his soda dubiously. "Uh, right. But I can't just go up to them and say Hi."

Grant smiled at his cub, and waved to someone near the center of the room sitting at a table. "I'll do it for you then. He's been eyeing us all night every time I look his way. Maybe he just wants some hot cub butt... I know I certainly do." He grinned at his cub beginning to panic as he noticed who it was coming this way.

Vince glanced at the burly older bear coming their way, and his eyes widened, then he spoke hushed at Grant. "What the hell?" He spoke under his breath, as the bear approached them. "..whoa." 

The burly older man had a slight swagger to his hips as he reached the two. "Hey." He grinned and winked at Vince, who was gaping at him.

Grant chuckled, "Just thought I'd get you over here to meet my boy, Vince. Thought he could meet a couple new people... Saw you were looking in our direction..."

The older man chuckled. "Yep, you two looked hot and sweet, and I wasn't sure if I should come on over." He glanced at Grant and frowned. "Don't I remember you from a bear club event a while ago?"
Grant smiled in return. "Oh? Marc? Right. I think I remember you from about 8 months ago, when Brent and I started coming to the club events. I've been a bit busy..." He scratched his beard, looking sheepish.

Marc laughed, and ran his hand over his stomach, and scratched it idly. "Apparently." He then focused on Vince, and stuck his hand out.

Vince took in the older man's details. He was tall with broad shoulders, had a dark pelt of hair nearly covering every inch, and a barrel chest. His eyes widened as he saw that the new guy had nipples, hard with thick nubs and adorned with heavy metal rings clearly defined on his chest. He blinked as a meaty hand was thrust in his face. "Sorry. Hey, I'm Marc."

Vince tore his gaze from Marc's chest and looked up, then shook the proffered hand. He blushed, then spoke shyly. "Oh. Vince. Nice to meet you."

Marc suddenly pulled him to his feet; he then wrapped his arms around Vince tightly, and growled softly into his ear. "Very nice to meet you, Vince." He released Vince only slightly and kissed him on the forehead.

Vince became uncomfortable when he was suddenly wrapped in Marc's arms, then he relaxed and hugged back. Becoming flustered as he realized he was rock hard, and pressing against Marc's leg, he heard a breathy chuckle above his head.

"It's alright, boy. I'm not going to bite." Marc smiled warmly, before giving Vince a few more inches of space but not letting go completely with his hands on the younger man's thighs.

Vince chuckled weakly, as he rested his hands onto Marc's broad chest for support. "That's good."

Grant stood up behind Vince, and rested his hand on his boy's shoulder, speaking with a gruff humor in his voice. "Now now, don't kidnap him just yet. Tonight's his first time at a bear event." 

Marc laughed softly, and winked at Vince. He spoke with a pleasantly gruff voice. "Really? Well, that's great! Are you a member yet, boy?"

Grant's hand on his shoulder helped his shyness fade even further. Vince shook his head, forcing his gaze away from the lush pelt of hair under his palms. "No, sir. I... I've never really been part of a bear club before." He stroked the pelt, reveling in how soft it was, over packed muscle.

Marc closed his eyes, and groaned softly, "Never? I find that hard to believe." He grinned, and drew Vince closer again. "Hey, now... don't start something you might not finish."

Vince stilled his hands, and reddened. "Sorry! Your nipple rings are fantastic."

Marc's smile widened and his hand moved up to his right nipple, and fondled it. "Yeah, they're lots of fun. Go ahead. Play with them a bit." He closed his eyes, and moaned softly after Vince started at one ring teasingly.

Grant leaned his body against Vince, and reached around him to tug the left nipple. Damn, Marc's nipples do look tasty. And Vince's overflowing with sexual tension, making it hard for me to control myself. Reveling in the moment, he pressed his crotch up against his cub's cheeks, and released his tentative control over his dick with a low moan of pleasure.

Vince felt Grant's slab pushing against his butt, and grinned inwardly. He then began rolling Marc's nipple in his fingers, teasing it a thick hard nub.

Marc started breathing heavily as his briefs started to fill out and tent to the left. He growled as his mind gathered his wits enough to pull their hands off his over simulated nubs. "Grrrngh. Damn, that's enough. Any more, and I'll have to drag you both back somewhere more private!"

Grant's head suddenly cleared of the ocean of lust that had been swimming all around inside. Blinking and shaking his head, he stepped back an inch. Whew. That was almost more than I could handle... Hoo boy.

Vince blushed deeply from embarrassment. "Oh, god. I've got no idea what came over me. I really love nipple rings though. Sorta a thing of mine..."

Marc laughed softly, and caressed Vince's cheek and cupped his chin. "Don't worry about it, cub. It's just a tad too public around here for more." He leaned in to kiss Vince on the mouth tenderly, and spoke within their earshot. "Although I do have a place if you two want to have fun..." Marc grinned flirtatiously at them.

Grant pressed up against his cub and wrapped his arm around Vince's chest. He chuckled. "We three would have to talk about it."

Marc nodded, with a sexy smile lurking around his mouth, as his hand dropped to touch Grant's forearm. "No problem - Bring Brent. I think I remember he's a red-headed bear, right? I'd love to have you all three at my place... The four of us could have a lot of fun." He winked at Vince, who was oddly quiet.

Grant grinned and kissed Vince's ear. "Alright. No promises. I think my boy's had enough excitement for tonight."

The pierced daddy spoke as he gestured toward the checkout area. "Aww, really? That's fine - I'll walk you two out. I'd love to give you guys my number. Wouldn't mind cuddling you three, among other things."

Grant said with a chuckle. "Alright. Let's go, babe."

Vince blinked out of his preoccupation then gazed at Marc with a shy smile, before being led away toward the checkout by Grant.

Grant mentally shook his head, as thoughts ran through his head. Marc seemed like a great guy, and they had connected ...quite well. He was just unsure whether it was a good idea to pursue things further. Am I just jealous that Vince's a bit star struck by Marc? Or am I just overreacting?
They reached the changing room and went to their lockers, while Marc ducked around to the next aisle.

Vince silently got his clothes out, and sat down on the bench in front of the lockers. Rubbing his face, he yawned a bit before wriggling his pants on.

Grant smiled and rubbed the back of Vince's neck gently, before starting to put his shirt on. He patted his pocket, and smiled as he still had his cigar along with his zippo lighter. By the time he started to get his pants on, Marc had returned with a card.

The older bear straddled the edge of the bench next to Vince, and grinned. He held out his card in front of Vince. "Here's my card with my phone. Don't lose it - although if you come to the next club meeting, I'll be there, and we can chat some more."

Vince said, taking the card from Marc with warm enthusiasm. "Cool..." He studied the card - and then at the pierced daddy, with a slight blush. "Thanks."

Grant chuckled. "Well, I'll make sure we don't lose it." He hopped slightly, trying to get his pants up all the way.

Marc grinned, before speaking in a sexy gruff voice. "No worries, big guy." He wrapped his arms around Vince, and squeezed him tightly before letting go. "Listen, boy, you can play with my rings anytime you want... all three of them. He paused at Vince's sudden, and deepening blush, then laughed softly. He kissed Vince's ear, making him squirm. "You are so adorable."

Grant said cheekily, as he was slipping his shoes on. "Oh, sure, he's sweet -- but in the mornings - watch out."

Vince whipped a glare at Grant, and scowled, jabbing the card in midair at his Dad. "Hey! I could always play hard to get a lot more often!~"

Grant widened his eyes, and panicked slightly. "Wait, let's not be hasty~" He held his hands out in surrender, and said. "I was joking!"

Marc laughed uproariously. "He's got you by the nuts, Grant!" It took him a few seconds to calm down, then to cup the back of Vince's neck, and squeezed fondly. He spoke to both of them with a twinkle in his eye. "Well, I should go back to the party and mingle some more. Glad I could meet you two. Have a great night." He swung his leg over the bench, and pivoted then left the changing room.
Vince shook his head, watching the muscles in Marc's back shift and flex at his departure. "Damn, he's hot."

Grant chuckled in agreement, then spoke. "I know, boy, I know. Come on. Let's grab something to eat, I'm a bit hungry." He patted his cub's back.

Vince smiled. "As long as it's got Diet Coke to go along with it, I'm there. I'm exhausted."

Grant grinned impishly. "Oh yeah? I'll have to think of something to perk you up afterwards..."

* * *

Grant was smoking his cigar and driving, with Vince next to him, dozing lightly on his shoulder. Vince must have been more exhausted than Grant thought, even with the large soda he'd gotten earlier.

Grant took another drag of his cigar, thinking about something Vince'd said earlier tonight. So, he really loves nipple piercings...  His hands drummed the wheel absent-mindedly, then he switched the cigar from his right to his left hand. His hand free, he reached down, and brushed against Vince's crotch. He snickered under his breath when Vince moaned softly and shifted his legs wider.

Grant moved back to Vince's leg and shook it, waking his cub up. "Hey, boy - wake up. We'll be home in about five minutes."

Vince groaned, and rubbed his eyes sleepily, as he rested his head on his Dad's shoulder again. "Oh... did I really sleep all this time?"

Grant grinned, and smoked a bit more. "Yeah, you were out like a light after our late snack. ...Uh, I was just wondering..." He tapped at the wheel with his right hand, before speaking seriously. "You said something earlier tonight... I never realized you liked piercings."

Vince chuckled. "Well, no one ever brought it up, and well, I wasn't sure if I should mention it or not."

Grant smiled. "That's true. Why wouldn't you want to mention it? We're a family, we tell each other things." He turned the corner and resumed driving straight in silence.

Vince curled up one arm inside Grant's arm loosely, and sighed. "Well, I was going to get my nips pierced one of these days... but due to money, and no time... it just never got done. And, well, I didn't know if either of you liked piercings so it didn't seem so important ..."

Grant stared at Vince for a moment, and snorted, puffing his cigar. "Fuck, yeah - it's important. It's something you've always wanted to have. And Hell, I was tugging his ring as well. I didn't have to, but I loved making him squirm." He chuckled. "And I wouldn't mind making YOU squirm the same way...while impaled on my dick."

Vince laughed. "Brute."

Grant growled with a warm rumble. "Damn right. Ah. Here we are." He pulled up into the driveway, and killed the engine, then turned to Vince. "Listen. We're gonna go get your nipples pierced tomorrow, or Monday, if we can find a shop in town. I'm paying."

Vince blinked in surprise, and then shook his head. "What? No, I can't... I couldn't just take your money..."

Grant rolled his eyes, and gestured with his cigar at Vince. "You will. At least half of it. I pay for one, you pay for the other... deal? Then we can surprise Brent. You're my family, boy. I wanna chip in to get your nips done."

Vince sighed. "Are you sure? I mean... I know they can be a bit pricy."

Grant stared at his son, and growled. "Yes. I'm sure. That's final."

Vince then grinned, feeling touched, and nodded happily. "Okay, Dad. That's fair, I guess."

Grant chuckled and patted Vince's leg. "Alright, get your butt in the house for some rough lovin'. I'll be right behind you..." And it's about fucking time -- going to that party was almost the last straw -- I hope I don't wear him out way too soon... he's gonna need all his stamina to last until I'm done...

Vince mock-saluted Grant before saying, "Yes, sir!", and getting out of the car.

Grant muttered under his breath, "Impudent cub!", then smiled wryly, and got out of the car. 


(Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends Ch 15) (Grizzly Science: The Talk)


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