Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 15)

Author's Note:
Hey folks – I greatly apologize for being absent for the last couple months or so. Hope people haven't forgotten this place yet ;) Here's the last installment of Grizzly Science #2 for you to read.

Thank you to tpkyteroo for helping me focus on writing this! This is currently the 3rd rewrite since before the "Great Wipe"

Onto the story!

Chapter 15

Grant moaned softly as he flipped to his side, facing the nightstand. Yawning as he opened his eyes blearily to glance at the alarm, Grant grunted under his breath. A barely coherent thought flitted through his brain - Fuck. Only ten in the morning. Ugh. Feels like I only got 4 hours of sleep. Serves me right for doing another all night marathon -- should put a pot of coffee on...
He rubbed his face and yawned, then groaned quietly as he swung his legs off the bed. His meaty hand wiped the sleepiness from his eyes, as he got up and trudged to the bathroom.

* * *

After giving himself a quick wash, Grant dried himself off with a towel, and lumbered toward the living room with a slight yawn. He paused just inside the living room, and glanced at Vince with a warm smile.

He stretched languidly, feeling his back pop slightly, then ambled toward his cub. He paused as he saw Vince shifting around on the couch, then stare up at the ceiling.

Grant was by Vince's side quickly, then spoke quietly with concern. "You okay, boy?" He reached out to rest his left hand over Vince's hands, and squeezed them lightly.

Vince wrapped one hand out from under and over Grant's own, then smiled wearily. "Yeah. Just not used to the couch." Vince yawned, then with good humor, spoke again. "And all that noise last night didn't help either..."

Grant flushed. "Sorry. I got a bit carried away, I guess. I just thought you could use a break from my constant demands..." His grin was lusty, then simmered down to mischievous. He fingered Vince's hair idly with his free hand. "Listen, why don't you go lay down with Brent in the bedroom for a bit longer? He's still sleeping, I believe."

Vince slipped his hand off Grant's hand and rubbed his eyes, then glanced at him with doubt. "Are you sure? I don't really wanna impose - it's your bed..."

The older bear leaned in with a crooked smile and kissed his cub soundly, making Vince moan softly. It was at least a couple minutes before both surfaced for air. Grant panted softly and squeezed Vince's hand, then spoke gruffly. "Yes. Yes. It's fine. Here." He pulled at Vince's hand, helping him sit up straight. "Now, go on. I'll put on some coffee, and read the paper for a while."

Vince yawned quietly, and massaged the cricks out of his neck. "Alright."

Grant knelt there, and willed himself soft, then got to his feet. Stepping back, he smiled at Vince. Despite wanting to do naughty things to Vince, his cub did look worn out. Besides, there'd be a plenty of time for that later.

Vince swung his feet off the couch onto the floor, then rubbed his eye. Opening them, he glanced up, and his eyes widened as he took in Grant's physique resplendent with muscle and fur. It gave him a moment's regret that he was too tired to do anything about it. Vince used the couch arm to push himself upward, and started walking toward the bedroom.

Grant easily caught Vince's arm as he walked by. He grinned crookedly, dragging Vince to face him. "You forgot something..." His eyes sparkled with teasing warmth.

Vince raised an eyebrow, feeling a smile creep up on his face. "Yeah?"

Grant chuckled, as he leaned in again to press his lips against Vince. "Mmm." He broke away reluctantly.  He smiled softly, and wrapped his arms around Vince and held him tightly, then let go after a minute. "Okay, okay... go on, get some extra sleep."

Vince's face was buried into Grant's chest, and he sighed. "...uh huh." He forced himself to let go of the burly dad, and turned around to head into the bedroom.

Grant reached toward Vince's butt and smacked it lightly. "Sleep well, cub!"

Vince chuckled low, and kept going down the hallway, until he reached the bedroom door.

* * *

Grant sighed as Vince disappeared into the bedroom, and went to the kitchen to put a pot of coffee on.  I wish I could have had him with me, but  I doubt he'd have gotten much sleep on my lap. He felt a smidgen of guilt about that, although he intended to make up for it later. Once that was done, he picked up yesterday's newspaper and headed toward the couch.

Setting the newspaper on the pillow, Grant leaned down and moved the blanket over, sat down, and  then covered himself up. He reached for his cigar, and lighter, then lit it. Nursing it to his satisfaction, he opened the paper, and started reading.

* * *

A few hours later, Vince awoke, feeling a heavy weight wrapped around his entire body. Blinking slowly, he remembered that he was in bed with Brent. Now he was wrapped, no, spooned in a near-tight bear hug. All he could hear was light snoring at his neck, Brent's warm breath tickling his neck lightly.

Vince was tempted to wriggle, in the hopes of loosening Brent's grip. Although damned nice, he was starting to find it a bit constrictive, and wanted to flip to the other side.

It was only a few minutes before the bedroom door opened wider, as Grant walked in with a stogie stuck in his jaw. He glanced at Vince who was wearing a vaguely trapped look, and was snugly wrapped under Brent's arms. He grinned broadly, then chuckled under his breath.

Padding toward Vince, he squatted down to near Vince's eye level, and took his stogie out with his right hand. He spoke quietly as not to wake Brent. He barely suppressed his laughter, by keeping a mostly straight face. "Comfortable?"

Vince growled under his breath. "I can't move." He tried to wriggle, but Brent's weight was too heavy.
Grant's voice drawled slightly as he studied the glowing tip of his cigar.  "We-ell, he's a heavy sleeper, that's for sure." He glanced at Vince and his mouth split into a mischievous grin. "Maybe I ought to have fun with you?"

Vince started to protest then saw Grant wink at him with a gleam of humor in his eyes. Then he relaxed. Oh. He was just joking... I should smack him though.

Grant reached out with his left hand, and lightly caressed Vince's face. "Lemme help." He unbent his knees and went toward the dresser opposite the bed, and left his stogie there. He then returned to Vince's side, and carefully lifted Brent's arm off.

Vince wriggled off the bed, and watched Grant gently lower Brent's arm then let go of it.
Brent grunted quietly, and slid backwards onto his back, arms sprawled out. He groaned softly, bringing his hand to his eyes, and rubbed them slightly.

Vince covered his mouth, to stifle his chuckling at the cuteness of Brent's pose. He was suddenly shoved forward a few steps by Grant's hand. He stumbled for a second, then threw a look back at the older bear with confusion.

Grant grinned brightly. "Go on, wake him up. I should go finish my smoke."

Vince furrowed his brow, and spoke quietly. "How...?"

Grant beamed toothily. "The best way I know how... kissing." He winked at Vince, then went to the dresser and grabbed his cigar. He tapped the ash off, then gestured toward Brent with his cigar. "Don't forget to remind him about breakfast... although it's lunch time."

Vince watched the hulking bear disappear past the door, and shook his head. What's Grant up to? Oh well. I might as well do what he says - see what happens. He clambered onto the bed slowly, as to not jostle Brent. Settling down beside the red-headed bear's rounded gut, he studied Brent for a minute in silence.

Brent had resumed snoring, and it was rather cute to watch. Vince wasn't sure he wanted to wake the sleeping bear, but his stomach was starting to have pangs of hunger. He knew that people weren't always the best in the morning, although Grant didn't seem to intend any malice. It was probably alright to do as Grant suggested.

Brent shifted his head toward Vince, still snoring.

Vince leaned forward, and rested his hand on the other side of Brent's stomach to steady himself. Brent looked so peaceful, that Vince hesitated, then mentally berated himself. Jeez, It's not like he'll smack me if I kiss him, will he? Why am I so nervous? Brent's been nothing but nice to me, and definitely interested in me. I'd have to be nuts to screw this up. But... if Grant says it's alright...

Vince shook his heavy thoughts aside, as he took a deep breath, then leaned toward Brent's face, and kissed him lightly on the lips. He nibbled at Brent's lower lip, and did his best to wake him up.
After about half a minute, Brent began to stir, sleepily raised his hand to cup Vince's face. Keeping him there, Brent returned the favor hungrily. As his brain caught up to his reactions, he realized he had Vince with him. Brent growled softly, as he caught Vince's lower lip then let it go. He opened his eyes, and pulled back slightly with a panting grin, then started to pull Vince on top of him.

Vince grunted, as he awkwardly straddled Brent's hips and rested his hands on Brent's chest.

Brent chuckled, then ran his hands up and down Vince's arms. His eyes sparkled with barely concealed randiness and humor. "Morning, babe. What a nice way to wake up..."

Vince chuckled. He glanced at the clock then down at the red-headed bear. "It's technically about lunchtime."

Brent frowned, and rubbed his eye with his palm. "Really?" He reached up for Vince's neck, and gently drew the cub downward to give him a sloppy kiss, then chuckled. "I was supposed to make breakfast, wasn't I?"

Vince nodded, as his stomach gave off an audible growl. "Yeah, you said something about that last night..."

Brent's mouth widened in a toothy smile, and pulled Vince into a tight bear hug for several seconds. He chuckled, and smacked Vince's ass lightly. "Okay, Let's go. I smell coffee."

* * *

A hour later, Vince was engrossed, watching a "Doctor Who" DVD he'd picked out from Brent's collection. He didn't really notice the two bear's absence other than Grant momentarily passing by the TV, carrying dishes to the kitchen. He figured they were probably just doing dishes or something.

Before he knew it, the other two were back on the couch. Grant was covered to the waist in a blanket, while Vince laid on his back, with his head nestled on the pillow over the older bear's lap, and facing the TV. Brent had Vince's legs slung over his lap.

All too soon, the "Doctor Who" story concluded, and Vince sighed, as the credits scrolled upward.
Grant chuckled and cupped Vince's chin in his hand, then stroked it. "Mm. You said you were willing to do anything to stick around, right?"

Vince stilled, and looked up at Grant with bated breath, then spoke quietly. "....Yeah, I did."

Grant smiled and patted Vince's chest fondly. "We'll be keeping you for a trial period -- of say, three months or so." He forestalled Vince's joyful reply by covering his mouth lightly. "Shh. I'm not finished, boy. You have to follow our rules. One - secure a job as soon as you can. We'll help you all we can. Two. You have to help out with the housework --".

Grant chuckled mirthlessly as Vince's eyes filled with muted horror. "Oh yes, even the bathroom. Gonna make you scrub the toilet bowl with a tiny toothbrush!"

Brent growled in surprised annoyance. "Hey! Don't terrorize the boy!"

Grant barked with laughter for a second, then lifted his hand from Vince's mouth, and wagged his finger. "I'm mostly joking... at least about the toothbrush."

He paused, thought for a moment, then continued again. "Right, Three - Oh yeah, pick up after yourself. How's that sound?" Grant's eyes twinkled at Vince's confusion.

Vince didn't take long to understand the implications, but wanted to make sure. His eyes widened in surprise. "Does that mean I am ..."

Brent chuckled and patted Vince's knees. "Yes, it does."

Vince closed his eyes, and spoke quietly. "Thank you." Thank you for answering my prayers, Odin!

Grant patted Vince's chest affectionately. "Okay. Let's get started."

* * *

That afternoon was filled with busy preparations to shift everything out of the computer/model room, and set it up for a basic bedroom. Vince helped Brent lug his computer equipment to the living room, as Grant boxed up his model cars.

Once the room was mostly emptied out, aside from a table and the rest of the furniture, Grant brought back a double bed he'd put in storage across town. He'd also put a few extra things back into storage, for there wasn't any room in the house at the moment.

Lugging the bed into the new spare room, Grant set it up and then looked around the room. He sat at the edge of the bed, then glanced around. It's too bad we can't have Vince sleep in our bed but this will have to do for now.

Brent stood at the entrance to Vince's bedroom. "It's gonna take some adjusting."

Grant looked up at him unfocusedly, and then blinked. "Yeah. But I think he'll be fine."

Brent chuckled. "Yeah, I'm sure. He seems to have a level head on his shoulders."

Grant sighed. "Where are we going to put all our stuff?"

Brent shrugged, and jerked his thumb behind his shoulder. "I've got the computer desk in the living room, and moved the chair a bit. It'll be a bit more cramped, but it should work. If nothing else, we can shove a few bookshelves in here -- Vince probably wouldn't mind."

Grant nodded, as an idea occurred to him. "He can have as many clothes of mine he needs...We can always buy more later on. He also needs a dresser. By the way, where's Vince?"

Brent laughed. "Oh, we managed to get internet working in there. He looked so computer-starved that I took a little pity on him, and let him check his emails."

Grant snorted. "Takes after you, apparently. Well, I should dig up some bed sheets."

Brent grinned impudently. "Right, and I should go check to make sure he hasn't burned the house down or something..."

* * *

Four months later, Vince unlocked the door, let himself in, and immediately smelled cigar smoke wafting around the house. His heart quickened its pace as he realized Grant was home.

He had just returned from a job interview that had sounded hopeful, and he felt certain he'd get the I.T. job. He called out, as he wriggled out of his coat. "Grant? I'm home!" Vince made it halfway toward the hallway, when Grant padded out, wearing only underwear and holding his stogie.

Grant's mouth split in a wide grin. "Vince! You're finally home."

Vince rushed into Grant's arms, buried his nose into the older bear's chest, and inhaled deeply.

Grant's voice rumbled softly as he wrapped his arms around his cub. "Long day?"

Vince rubbed his nose into Grant's chest, and squeezed tightly, then rested his head there. "Yeah. Too many interviews, but... at least they're giving me a chance."

Grant smiled and rubbed Vince's hair. "I'm sure someone will hire you." He patted Vince's back. "Come on, let's get you into our bed and cuddle up for a bit. That'll help."

After about fifteen minutes of near-naked snuggling, the phone rang. Grant took out his stogie with one hand, and reached over and picked up the receiver with the other. "Yeah? Hold on. He's right here."

Vince glanced at Grant in puzzlement. I wonder who that could be? Brent's out on an appointment schedule up north...? Maybe it's a job offer?  Vince scooted upward, and reached for the phone, then spoke hesitantly. "Yes? This is Vince."

Vince listened, and mmhmm'ed, then his face alighted with excitement. "Really? Great! Yes, I'll be there Monday morning! Thank you so much!" He handed the phone back to Grant, feeling stunned.
Grant was wearing a broad grin. "You got the job?"

Vince blinked, then stared at Grant with glee. "YES! I got the job!" In his excitement, he impulsively leaped onto Grant's lap, hugging him and bouncing.

Grant laughed, and captured Vince's mouth with his, and growled softly. "Keep bouncing, boy, and you'll get a lot more..."

Vince chuckled breathlessly, and stopped bouncing. "Heh, sorry..."

The older bear smiled and gyrated his cub's hips against his crotch half-heartedly. "I knew you'd find something." So damn hot... I should wait 'till tonight. I can wear him out then...

Vince, flushed with excitement, and nodded. His hands ran through Grant's thick pelted chest, as he spoke quietly. "Thank you for believing in me."

Grant reached one hand up to lovingly stroke Vince's face. His smile seemed to encompass Vince in his embrace. "I love you. We both do."

Vince, with tears forming in his eyes, spoke huskily. "I love you guys too."

Grant smiled even wider if that was possible. "I can tell. Want to get some dinner to celebrate? We can share your bed until Brent gets home."

Vince nodded vigorously. "Great!"

Grant chuckled. "Let's go to Grizz's."

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Author's footnote: There may be more stories forthcoming that center around Grant, Vince, and Brent – At least one more is coming, a vignette called Grizzly Science: Piercings. There also may be a Grizzly Science 3 story (which would be in the world of Grizzly Science, but probably not involving Grant, Brent, or Vince) coming out eventually, but no promises. :) I do have a few ideas in the works, but nothing concrete yet.


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