Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 14)

Author's Note: Thanks to Bill for helping me muddle through the sex scene... and Galen for his invaluable help by proofreading this! :)

Warning: A bit more sexual going ons this chapter :) Enjoy.

Chapter 14
Brent was puttering around in the kitchen, and setting three bowls on the counter. He scooped a big helping of ice cream into each bowl, and hummed to himself quietly. He glanced at the TV from the kitchen, and shook his head with a small smile. Vince was watching a "Doctor Who" Special on TV that he also liked to watch occasionally from their DVD collection. Looks like we might have something else in common...

Licking some melted ice cream off his finger, Brent reached into the drawer for the spoons with his free hand, and plunked one in each bowl. With that done, he put the ice cream back into the lower freezer of the refrigerator.
Vince leaned forward, legs crossed on the couch and covered with a blanket. His attention was intent on watching every second of the episode "End of Time," and was barely paying attention to anything else around him.

Grant was splayed against the couch, with his arms resting on the top of the cushions, and barely paying attention to the TV, but only because he'd seen it last week with Brent. He grinned impishly, and lightly rested his fingers on the back of Vince's neck, then let his fingernails tickle him under Vince's ear. He smirked as Vince absent-mindedly swatted his hand away.

Heh, same as Brent -- hates interruptions during their favorite show.

Grant smiled affectionately, and let his hand drift to Vince's back, then rubbed up and down gently. That made Vince relax slightly, and lean toward Grant's soft caresses. Pleased, Grant shifted over his bulk, and pulled Vince into his shoulder.

The commercial break began, as Grant squeezed Vince against him, and relaxed his grip. "Enjoying the show?"

Vince nodded vigorously. "Shit, yeah! I've not seen a new "Doctor Who" episode in months. I think I've seen about every new "Doctor Who" until the last few Specials." He glanced back at the TV. "But... I do hope they have a lot more -- you know, The Doctor's in his 10th regeneration, and there's only about 12 or 13."

Grant nodded. "Right. Brent explained a little of that to me the other day. I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, but I like "Doctor Who" in general." He glanced at Brent who was carrying three bowls toward them. "He was the one who showed me his DVD collection of the "Doctor Who" 'classics'. I haven't seen them all yet."

Vince blinked and stared at Brent in awe. "You have a DVD collection?"

Brent chuckled, and handed a bowl with a spoon to Grant, and the other to Vince. "Heh, yeah. The thing is -- I kinda rent from Netflix, and back up the "Doctor Who" DVDs I get from them for personal viewing, only. So it's a bit more economical that way, I think."

Vince nodded with a small smile. "I understand. But still, you must have a lot. I never managed to collect any, only rent." He cradled his bowl, and took a bite of vanilla ice cream.

Brent walked over to the other side of the couch, and sank into it next to Vince. "I have plenty, of other movies as well, but I do mean to buy the DVDs ... eventually. If we ever win the lottery." His eyes were filled with amusement. He paused, then his grin broadened. "I'm glad you do like "Doctor Who." It's something we both like to watch together now and then. Now I have someone with whom I can discuss "Doctor Who" without having a lot of blank stares." His smile was mischievous as he took a bite of his ice cream.

Grant ruffled Vince's hair, and started to eat his softened ice cream. He snorted, as his spoon paused before his mouth. "Hah. I can't help it if I don't know everything about "Doctor Who," like you do..."

Brent laughed then ate some more ice cream.

The three of them fell silent, as the rest of the "Doctor Who" Special started, while enjoying the rest of their ice cream. By the time it was over, all three were nestled so closely together on the couch, they were almost entangled. 
* * *
About a hour later, Vince yawned hugely while snuggled between the two big bears. Brent mumbled something into Vince's shoulder, and pushed himself up. Grant stayed where he was, with his arm curled around Vince.

Brent smiled tiredly. "I guess it's time for bed." He stretched, then scratched his belly fur. "Maybe we can watch a couple more "Doctor Who" DVDs tomorrow?"

Vince yawned sleepily, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. "Sure. That'd be cool." He only protested slightly as Grant pushed him upright. He rubbed his eye and blinked slowly.

Grant ruffled Vince's hair, and spoke with amusement in his voice. "Yeah, it's time for bed."

Brent nodded in warm agreement. "I'll make some breakfast for us in the morning." He rested a hand on Vince's shoulder. "Do you need a light in case you have to go to the bathroom later tonight?"

Vince leaned into Grant's hand, and shook his head slightly. "Nah. I'll be alright."

Grant chuckled softly, and got to his feet. "Well, sleep tight, Vin. I'll take those bowls into the kitchen." He stacked the three bowls and spoons and carried them into the kitchen.

Brent grinned at Vince, and leaned down so their faces were closer; He lightly pressed his lips to Vince's, then pulled back. "Tomorrow we can talk more, alright?"

Vince blinked, feeling a bit dazed from the kiss. His mind couldn't figure out a reply so he simply nodded. Leaning back into the plush backing of the couch, he pulled the blanket up to his chest.
Brent smiled, his eyes twinkling with humor, and went around the coffee table; He waved to Vince, "G'nite, babe - If you need anything, let us know." 

Vince watched Brent's furred shoulders vanish into the hallway with a soft appreciative sigh. He halfway wished he didn't have to sleep on the couch tonight, but it seemed like everyone was tired, and he didn't want to push. He was only a guest here, after all.

Grant came back from the kitchen, and crawled onto the free spot on the couch. He grinned, and rubbed Vince's cheek. He spoke gruffly, with warmth in his voice. "I'm glad you showed up."

Vince blinked, then blushed. He spoke softly. "Yeah. Me too." He averted his gaze from Grant's intent stare, feeling a smidgen of bashfulness sweep through him. After a moment of silence, he looked at Grant, and sighed with resignation. "I wish I could stay here. You two are ...well, the nicest guys I've met in a long while..."

Grant chuckled, and let his hand squeeze Vince's neck lightly. He desperately wanted to alleviate Vince's worries but Brent was firm on discussing it before letting Vince know. He smiled bigger, and squeezed Vince's shoulder. "Don't worry about it. We'll talk tomorrow, Vin."

Vince nodded, still feeling a bit down. "I guess so."

Grant smiled, and encircled his hand behind Vince's neck; He brought Vince's face closer, then kissed him soundly on the lips. His lust flared to life as Grant lost all his control over his libido. He growled under his breath, and kept kissing, wanting to taste Vince. He yanked at the blanket, trying to get closer.

Vince's surprise was short-lived as he encircled his arms around Grant's neck; He let Grant push him down, as Vince kept kissing back with equal hunger. He shifted, so Grant could yank the blanket out of the way, and press his body down against Vince's.

Grant growled slightly louder as his hands grabbed for Vince's shirt, trying to lift it up. He moved from Vince's lips to nibble his neck, as his hands tugged the shirt up further. He froze slightly as his hands encountered something he didn't expect -- bare skin. He pulled back and panted. "Vin?"

Vince, his skin flushed, blinked, and smiled languidly. "Yeah?" He reached for Grant's chest, and ran his fingers through the fluffy fur.

Grant mock-scowled at Vince, and nibbled at Vince's lower lip. He spoke huskily. "Teasing me, eh, boy?"

Vince grinned slyly. "Uh huh, Dad - I didn't think I'd need them, really. Not like I was going out in it."

Grant pulled back, and chuckled as his dick jutted out under the sweats obscenely. "Look what you made me do..." He drawled out seductively. "...boy."

Vince reached out for the bulge, and his hand was lightly smacked away.

Grant grinned, and got off the couch. Gathering the remnants of his self-control, he growled. "Nuh-uh. You've been a naughty boy. You'll have to wait till tomorrow..."

Vince pouted. "Aww, please, Daddy?"

Grant laughed heartily and leaned in to kiss Vince quickly. "Hush, boy. There's plenty more and lots of time tomorrow."

Vince took a deep breath, then shrugged sleepily. "Aw, alright. Good night."

Grant smiled and trailed a finger over Vince's forehead. "Night, baby. Sleep well." He picked up the discarded blanket, and pulled it over Vince's body. "If you need anything, come get me, alright?"

Vince snuggled under the blanket, and nodded. "Yeah."

Grant started walking to the bedroom as Vince's eyes shut. He picked up the pace, heading for the bedroom. His smile grew wicked -- Brent was in for several hours of hot, rough, sweaty fun.

* * *

Grant stalked into the bedroom, and shut the door firmly. He stared at Brent lying on the bed, lightly dozing. He growled, yanked his sweats off abruptly, then clambered onto the bed.

Brent awoke at the weight shifting on the bed, and smiled as Grant crawled toward him. His smile faltered slightly as he saw Grant's lust-crazed expression, and he started to wonder if he should worry...

Grant reached for Brent's waistband, and yanked it off without another word. He growled in his chest, as he climbed halfway onto Brent, and kissed him fiercely. His hands roamed up and down Brent's side, then he nibbled at Brent's neck. Making his way downward, he teased Brent's nipples, flicking them with his tongue.

Brent rolled his head back and moaned softly. He rested his hand on the back of Grant's head, holding him there. "Oh yeah...."

Grant grinned around the ring of fur and suckled hard, making Brent squirm. He nipped lightly at the nub making Brent jerk. Grant chuckled, then kissed his way across Brent's broad chest. He rumbled, as he rubbed his face into Brent's soft fur.

Brent sighed happily as his fingers entangled themselves through Grant's hair. He grunted softly, as he felt Grant's hot, breathy kisses travel up to his collarbone then to his neck. He pulled Grant off his neck, and gave him a hunger-filled tonguing kiss.

Grant growled louder as he sucked on Brent's tongue, and slid his hands under Brent's legs. He broke the kiss, panting noisily, then moved back slightly, and pulled Brent's legs up and to the side. He laid his bulky body back onto the bed, and his warm breath caressed over the red-head's erection. He then kissed, nibbled, and licked downward to the red-headed bear's sac making Brent moan blissfully.

Brent closed his eyes in sublime bliss at the heat coming off Grant's breath. He could feel the older bear's whiskers brushed his nuts, and knew where Grant was headed. He gasped as Grant swiped at his crack with his wet tongue.

Grant rumbled deep in his chest as he devoured Brent's hole. It took him only a few seconds before his balls screamed for release, and he growled. He drew back, and grabbed Brent by the legs, then forced them further backward. He reached for a pillow next to Brent, and shoved it under Brent's lower back.

Brent reached up to grab the back of his knees, and held them tight against him as comfortably as possible. He grinned in anticipation, as Grant crouched over him. He could feel Grant shifting his weight, as Grant's solid slab of meat rubbed against his crack. He grunted and wriggled his butt side to side.

Grant grinned toothily, and clamped down on Brent's thighs, then lined up. He grunted as he pushed inside to the hilt without a pause. He moaned at the wet velvetiness and resisted the overpowering urge to jackhammer Brent with the barest shred of willpower. 

Brent bit his lip against the sudden stretching sensation as Grant shoved himself inside. The pressure was uncomfortable, but it was only for a few seconds as he got used to it. He reached for Grant's shoulders and squeezed gently.

Grant grinned, then humped Brent's butt in quick short thrusts. He slowed his pistoning, enough to gyrate his hips, watching Brent roll his head back in bliss. He loved how his dick felt inside his lover's ass. Grant slid back halfway out of Brent's ass, bent his legs slightly lower, and then slammed upward.

Brent moaned as his prostate was smacked repeatedly by Grant's insistent fucking. It was all he could do to hold his knees back against him, while Grant's motions became more aggressive. The smell of sweat permeated the air; his excitement heightened, as his dick throbbed, drooling heavily with precum on his reddish fur.

Grant growled, sweat pouring down his back, and leaned down, burying his face into Brent's neck. It didn't take long for him to boil over; Grant groaned deeply as his whole body stiffened in a tight arc, pressed against Brent. He clawed at Brent's hips, trying to force himself in as far as possible; he panted in shuddering relief as he sprayed inside Brent.

The sensations inside his butt, in addition to Grant's bumping against his prostate, sent Brent over the edge; His gurgling moan was the only thing Grant heard as Brent's dick thumped against his stomach then his seed sloshed between them.

Grant bit off a groan as his lover's ass tightened and relaxed like a slow vice surrounding his dick. It was almost painful, but also exquisite pleasure for him. He held Brent by the hips, and stayed where he was until he felt Brent relax under him. Leaning down, he captured and nibbled at Brent's lower lip playfully.

Brent felt sticky, but it felt damn good. He zoned out for a second, and came to when Grant started nibbling his lip. He responded with a tired, and yet passionate kiss.

Grant pressed his stomach against Brent's, smearing the gooey mess into both their furry torsos, with a lascivious grin. Recapturing Brent's lips for another steamy kiss, he did a couple tentative humps, and was rewarded with a low moan from Brent's mouth. He growled gruffly. "Liked that, did you?"

Brent grinned tiredly while wrapping his arms around Grant's neck. He chuckled, then draped his right leg across Grant's back, and squeezed him closer. "Ah-huh."

Grant laughed breathlessly, as he began grinding against Brent's butt teasingly. "I'm always up for more. Mmm, I love that ass...Oh yeah..." He trailed off in a soft moan as he zoned out, reveling in the sensations.

Brent, despite getting off just seconds ago, felt himself glaze over as lust swept like a torrent through his body. He groaned, raising his other leg to wrap both legs around Grant's waist, and urged him on. 
Grant growled more deeply, as his grinding became wild, lusty, and abandoning all restraint.

* * *

Quite a while later after five mind-numbing orgasms, Grant gritted his teeth as he pulled from Brent's ass, then moved over to lay on his side. With a content smile, he shifted forward to press against Brent's side.

Brent slowly let his legs drift down onto the bed, and winced. His back felt stuck to the sheets, and he had no inclination to move whatsoever. "Ow." His legs hurt.  His butt felt thoroughly used, and almost painfully sore, but in a good way. He closed his eyes, and didn't move for a few seconds. The pillow was starting to feel uncomfortable under his lower back. Brent gritted as he shifted his hips up and pulled the pillow out from under him, then he laid there, blinking sleepily.

Grant chuckled and rested his palm on Brent's stomach, then rubbed it in a lazy circle. He rested his chin on Brent's shoulder, and blinked slowly. "Mmm, that was great."

Brent turned his head and kissed Grant's sweaty forehead, then laughed slightly. He groaned, shifting to get more comfortable on the bed. "Ow, my ass."

Grant grinned unrepentedly. "Sorry, I guess I got carried away..." He wrapped his leg over Brent's leg, and hooked his arm around Brent's waist, hugging him tighter.

Brent rolled his eyes at Grant, then melted into the snuggle. "Right, right..." He rubbed his eyes with his right hand, and yawned sleepily, feeling exhaustion starting to swamp him. Brent widened his eyes in an effort to stay awake, but fuzziness was starting to take over. "Damn. I'm tired."

Grant grinned sleepily, then yawned abruptly. "Yeah, me too." He nuzzled and kissed Brent's shoulder affectionately. "Sleep well, hon."

Brent's eyes closed, as he leaned his head into Grant's nuzzle. "I love you." Before he drifted off, he heard Grant murmur quietly. "I love you too."

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