Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 10)

Author's Note: Thank you to deathklat for helping with the 'shower scene', and to my friend Bill for helping me finish off the chapter when I was feeling slightly stuck. :)

Warning: A bit more sexual situations, but mainly plot.

Chapter 10

Grant's eyes twinkled with amusement as he grabbed Vince in a rough hug, then loosened his grasp. He grinned cheekily. "Relax, boy. I'm teasing you... Mostly. C'mon, let's get in the shower, and get cleaned up." Grant nestled his arm around Vince's shoulders and led both of them into the bathroom.

"Okay - Get the shower started -- I'll get some towels."

Vince nodded, then fiddled with the shower controls until the water was several shades below scalding. He stepped inside and let the water sluice down over him, with a pleasured sigh. He'd never get enough of hot showers, and had sorely missed them. He closed his eyes and let the water run down his back, when the shower door opened. 
Grant stepped in, and closed the door. He stood behind Vince, then leaned down and murmured softly into Vince's ear, "Mmm. You look fuckable." He chuckled softly and let his hands encircle Vince's body to hug him tightly against his own body. 

Vince melted into Grant, with a low sigh. He glanced backwards with mock surprise, and grinned. "I thought we came in here to get cleaned up..." He felt like his body was like supple leather molded against Grant's body and it was quite enjoyable. Vince felt the red-hot heat of the big bear's dick throb against his ass cheeks, making him tempted to wriggle his butt to tease the older bear. 

Grant squeezed Vince again tightly, and growled, then humped teasingly. "No promises, boy. This feels damn nice. Don't wiggle too much or I will fuck you right here." He grunted as he slid one hand down  to cup Vince's genitals gently, and squeezed. "Mmm. Feels good."

Vince chuckled. "Oh then I better behave, eh?" He was disinclined to move, as long as Grant held him. He heard a sharp exhale of frustration, then felt a pang of disappointment when Grant's arms let go of him and step backwards. He turned around to see Grant holding soap and a washcloth. His eyes traveled down to see the big bear arching proudly upward, then he blushed. His dick started stiffening to half mast.

Grant chuckled as he followed Vince's gaze. He humped the air teasingly. "There's more whenever you want it." He kept his eyes on Vince as he lathered up the soap and cloth together.

Vince nodded, feeling heat rush to his face again, but not sure what to say.

Grant leaned in, then kissed Vince softly on the lips. He spoke huskily while still less than an inch away from Vince's face. "Are you sure you're not up for some more?" He reached around and rubbed Vince's cheek and raised his eyebrows in an hopeful expression.

Vince was struck with how brilliant Grant's eyes were, and his tongue felt thick in his mouth. He began stammering. "U-um, well..." His butt still felt slightly sore, but he was beginning to ache with need for Grant to be inside him again. "Maybe." His face was warm again, as he tore his gaze away again.

Grant growled softly, and bit off a curse. It was obvious he was pushing the boy too fast. He shut his eyes tightly, forcing his nanites to relax his raging dick. With a faint electrical tingle around the base of his dick, he felt his erection subside, and sighed inwardly with vast relief. It'd worked as quick as he'd hoped.

Grant's nuts were aching again -- they still needed some more release, but he could put it on hold for the moment, anyway. Grant growled softly, mostly at himself. "...I'm sorry. You drive me wild, and I love screwing you." He pulled back, then paused and winked. "Want me to wash you up?"

Vince blushed at the compliment, then nodded. "Um, sure..."

Grant grinned, then started scrubbing Vince's stomach, and watching him close his eyes in pleasure. He slowly moved the cloth downward and gently lathered up around the nuts and Vince's hardening dick. He chuckled and teased Vince by lightly tugging his dick with the washcloth. "Mmm. Looks like you're up for some fun."

Vince chuckled, feeling shy again. "Er, well, it's the company..."

Grant grinned with amusement, then handed Vince the washcloth. He spoke with a hint of imperiousness mixed in with humor. He thrust his crotch outward, and held his hands on his hips. "Heh. Wash, boy. We don't got all day."

Vince stared at Grant, then acted meek, and obedient. "Yes, sir, Yes, sir." He started washing from Grant's stomach under his chest and moved down to the inner thighs, then focused his attention onto Grant's pride and joy. When he finished, he stepped back slightly, and smiled with a twinkle in his eye.

Grant rolled his eyes, and reached around Vince's head and pulled him up to kiss him firmly. "Mm... I love it when you're obedient." He reached past Vince for the detachable shower-head and brought it over between them.

Vince sighed in admiration as Grant's damp matted fur came closer to his face. He had the urge to bury his face into the dark fur and lick it dry. The urge was squashed by a troubling thought. Even though he was a virtual stranger to the two of them, he felt like he was part of them already, and that scared him a bit. The chemistry seemed to be right, but how could he really be sure? It was the first time he'd ever felt ... possibly secure in quite some time.

Grant glanced down at Vince, then frowned to himself. The boy was thinking again. He idly wished he could read Vince's thoughts, but shrugged it off after a second. If he wanted to talk, Grant would listen. Aiming the nozzle at Vince's midsection, he made sure to rinse everything off, even to go as far as manhandling the boy's privates. Grant was mildly surprised that Vince hadn't even responded or moved. He sighed with slight irritation and then sluiced the soap away on himself. He returned the showerhead back to it's holder, and turned the water off.

Once the door opened, and let a draft of chilly air in, Vince blinked out of his thoughts. He glanced at Grant with confusion, then realized the shower was done. He felt a tad guilty for spacing out like that, because he was afraid he might've offended Grant by being distant. Vince stepped out of the shower without a word, and watched Grant step out onto the bathmat, then take a towel in his hands.

Grant smiled affectionately, shaking out the towel. "C'mere, boy. I'll dry you off."

Vince chuckled. "I'm not a little kid." He stepped forward anyway, and was engulfed by the towel, and in turn a big bear hug from Grant.

Grant rumbled softly, and squeezed tighter before letting go. "No, you're not a kid." He paused for a moment, then spoke gruffly. "I'd not have minded having a kid like you though..." With the towel he began drying Vince off.

Vince blinked, unable to think of a response. It warmed his heart, however, to feel like he could be part of another family, even if it wasn't his own. He stood there with eyes closed, enjoying Grant's quick, yet gentle brushes over his body. Vince felt Grant's hands turn him around, and the towel quickly rub moisture off his back and legs.

Grant grinned wolfishly, and let his gaze travel down Vince's curves down to his rounded butt; he bit back a hungry growl, and murmured breathlessly. "Alright, your turn."

Vince turned around to see Grant holding out a dry towel. He took it and hesitated slightly when his glance traveled downward, seeing Grant's dick sticking straight up. His brain grew fuzzy as his mouth watered for something to suck.

Grant growled gruffly in good humor. "C'mon, I'm dripping all over. We don't have all day." He stepped forward and put his arms out, with an eyebrow raised, along with a smirk on his face. He waited a moment, but Vince's expression was still glazed over, staring at his dick. "Well? Are you gonna suck me, or dry me off first?"

Vince blushed, snapping out of his reverie, then started toweling Grant's chest dry. He felt deliciously dirty while drying him off because Grant's erection was tantalizing him, and flexed every time Vince got close enough to brush up against it. After drying off Grant's arms, he briskly toweled off Grant's stomach, fluffing the fur in the process. Biting his lip, Vince gently rubbed the older bear's nuts, and paused for a second. He decided to gently dry it with the least amount of motion.

Grant bit his lip, stifling a groan as Vince manhandled his privates with the towel. Even the briefest of touches down there had made him nearly want to blow his load. It also took all his willpower at that moment to keep himself from bending Vince over and fucking the shit out of him. His fists were clenched as he took a massive breath, and tried to relax his hormones.

Vince stopped for a moment, uncertain if he should continue. The signs were obvious that Grant was about to blow. For some strange reason, Vince felt giddy at being able to turn a big giant like Grant into a lusty brute. He throttled back the urge to tease Grant mercilessly as it was probably best to not tempt fate -- yet. Vince stepped backwards, and spoke quietly with a slight tremor in his voice.
Vince's dick had grew rock hard moments, and thick a few minutes ago, yet he didn't care. "Um, you can turn around now."

Grant exhaled in relief as all touching had ceased, then stared down at Vince's crotch, and grinned wolfishly. "Mmm... I guess my boy's horny too." He turned around, letting his arms drop down to his sides before Vince had time to frame a reply.

Vince's breath was taken away in admiration at Grant's muscular back, then his eyes traveled downward to something more stunning. He stared at the delicious downy-covered furry butt, then tore his gaze upward, suddenly remembering what he was here to do. He quickly started wiping Grant's back dry at the shoulders, and worked his way down. When he stopped at Grant's butt, he flushed, as perverted thoughts flitted through his mind. Wonder if he'd like getting fucked... He pressed the towel against the furry cheeks, and squeezed gently. Vince marveled at how soft it was -- he'd expected it to be firm as rock.

Grant blinked in surprise as he felt his butt being fondled. When he felt the squeeze, he chuckled, looking backwards. "You like my butt, eh?"

Vince stammered, yanking the towel back with his hands. His brain felt overloaded on hormones and it was difficult to think with his dick demanding attention. "Y-yes..." He couldn't tear his glance away from Grant's rounded globes. Vince wondered how nice it would feel between those cheeks... and flushed. Grant was only a top, wasn't he? It'd probably be pointless to even mention it. Grant's next words took him by surprise.

Grant turned around, and studied Vince intently before speaking. Yes, Brent had shown him that it could be fun to get screwed, but he didn't know for certain if he wanted it frequently or not. He enjoyed fucking far too much to give it up for someone else, but perhaps a deal...? "Would you like to have it?" 

Vince froze, and avoided meeting Grant's eyes. He took a deep breath to steady himself, as the towel dropped from his hands to the floor. This was an offer he'd not expected to get, least of all, from a bear like Grant. "Um... yeah. But... I thought you were only a top..."

Grant shrugged his expansive shoulders. "I was. Until recently anyway." He stepped forward, and raised Vince's chin up so their eyes met. "I like you a lot, boy. Here's my deal -- screw my butt as your mood strikes, and I do the same to your ass." He grinned flirtatiously. "How about it?"

Vince chuckled, and put his hand on Grant's furry forearm. With a light squeeze, he smiled. "Sure, sounds good." He moved his hand up to the bicep and rested it there, then he stepped closer.
The older bear smiled at the touch, then wrapped his arm around Vince's neck, drawing him against his body. "Mmm." He encircled Vince's waist with his other arm and squeezed them together tightly for a second, before reluctantly pulling back slightly. "...Alright, I think we're both dry enough. Let's find something to wear for later."

Vince mumbled softly with his face pressed into Grant's chest. He nuzzled into Grant's chest fur as emotions shot through him -- contentedness mingled with an intense sensuality that evoked a wild potency in his loins. "Mm'kay..." When Grant pulled back further away, he blinked slowly as the feeling faded away; he was feeling slightly dazed, as if he'd been dozing. It was a reminder of the earlier sensations that he'd felt while cuddling with Grant, and it confused the hell out of him. He dismissed it again as being tired again, but there was a nagging whisper at the back of his mind that it was something else.

Grant frowned as he noticed Vince's confusion again, and was about to speak, but decided against it for now. Something was going on with Vince, and he'd find out eventually anyway. He put on a warm smile, as he took Vince's hand in his. "C'mon, boy." Grant then led him into the bedroom.

Vince was snapped out of his preoccupation as Grant pulled him into the bedroom.

Grant smiled and let go of Vince's hand, then moved it up to the back of Vince's neck, and squeezed lightly. "Scoot up by the pillows, and get comfortable."

Vince nodded with puzzlement. "Okay." He turned around and clambered onto the bed, and nestled up into the pillows with a 'now what?' look on his face. 

Grant froze as he stared at Vince's partially bent and splayed open legs. Vince was half-reclining and half lying down with his legs wide open; he could see Vince's rounded cheeks, and the dip that marked the position of his hole. He swallowed hard as his dick sprang up to full firmness. Grant tore his gaze away, and growled in mild annoyance. "Dammit, stop distracting me, boy!" 

Vince blushed, then shifted his legs straight onto the bed, and slid upward into a reclining position. He draped his hands over his legs with a small degree of self-consciousness. "Oh! Um, sorry... thought that's what you meant..."

Grant clenched his fists in frustration feeling his hormones rage within his body. He shook his head, and took a deep breath. "Not exactly..." He turned to face the closet, and mentally focused on the nanites within his body to soften his erection. Relief swept through his mind as his dick went down to it's flaccid state.

Grant moved further into the closet, and glanced back at Vince, then spoke with a smile. "Don't get me wrong, Vince - I'd love to pounce on you, but Brent's coming home in a few hours. You need something to wear for tonight." He paused before continuing. "Let's see, I've got a bunch of shirts -- but I dunno what colors you like?"

Vince leaned forward, dropping his hands in his lap, thinking. He shrugged with a grin. "I dunno. Blue, silver, gold, red, green... It's hard to pin down one favorite color. Not really that picky."

Grant rifled through his shirts, looking for a couple of oversized ones, then blinked as he heard Vince's color choices. He glanced askance at Vince, and grinned. "Lucky me. My eyes are two of your favorites - gold and blue." Grant plucked one of his older blue shirts with a soft collar with a couple buttons at the neckline, and held it out. "How about this one? I haven't worn this in ages -- should fit you alright."

Vince nodded. "That one looks good. You sure it'll fit? The grey nightshirt I was wearing was a bit tight on me."

Grant tossed the shirt to Vince, then shrugged. "That was Brent's. I'm a tad larger."

Vince struggled to keep his face composed, and with a solemn nod, he spoke. "Apparently." It was spoiled by a small smirk that crept into his face a second later. He burst out with a giggle.

Grant crossed his arms, and growled sternly. "Hey!" His voice grew gruffer, "Enough of that, boy, or I'll have to punish you." He kept his stoic expression pasted on, until he couldn't contain it anymore and wriggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Vince hid his face behind the shirt trying not to laugh.

Grant snorted, and rolled his eyes. He harrumphed, then turned toward the closet again to dig up a pair of pants. He cleared his throat. "So, denim jeans - Black or Grey?"


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