Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 13)

Author's Note:

It's about time I managed to finish this chapter. A big Thanks to Galen for his help in polishing up this chapter! :)

Hm, the story's almost over. ;) I'm kinda sad to see this one almost done. Hope people are still enjoying this.

Chapter 13

Vince stared avidly at Brent's rounded gut covered in red, thick downy fur. It made his mouth water, as Brent wriggled his grey T-shirt over his head. He flushed as the shirt fell over it, and looked away before Brent noticed. He was sitting at the edge of the bed, waiting for Brent to finish dressing. "So, um, where are we going?"

Brent paused, then pulled the t-shirt the rest of the way down, and leaned over to the bed to grab his pants. "Well, Grant suggested we go out to Grizz's for dinner." He slipped one leg inside his pants, and glanced upward with an arched eyebrow. "Unless you wanna stay in?" 
Vince shrugged. "Doesn't matter to me -- but I wouldn't mind sightseeing a little."

Brent pulled his pants up, and frowned. "Oh, that's right. You lived up on the north end?"

Vince nodded, and leaned backward, feeling regret flash through him before he pushed it aside.

"Yeah, I did. The last friend I stayed with lives about 15 miles from here, didn't work out."

Brent shook his head in sympathy, buttoning up his pants. "I'm sorry." 

Vince sighed and waved off the apology. "Yeah. I think he was getting pressure to kick me out. The job market was shitty up there. I dunno if there's anything on the job market here."

Brent walked over to the bed, and squeezed Vince's shoulder affectionately. "I see. He must not have been a very good friend then." Wearing a warm smile, He rubbed Vince's cheek softly. "Come on. Let's go. I'm starving."

* * *

Brent was digging into his dinner, when Grant gestured with a French fry in an encompassing direction. "So, do you like this place? It's our favorite place to go out."

Vince paused, holding his double-cheeseburger up in his hands. "It's really nice, I guess. I've only been here once..."

Grant nodded with a grin. "Right, when you ran into me. This is the only gay bar'n'grill that's pretty classy around this area."

Vince blinked, and then shrugged. "Oh, I wasn't sure."

Brent swallowed a French fry, and chuckled. "I guess you haven't been in the pool room -- lots of guys play pool, and, well, most of them like doing 'displays of affection'." He'd made the quote sign in the air with a wry grin on his face.

Vince stared at Brent. "Really? They don't mind people doing that?"

Grant leaned to his side, and draped his arm over Vince's shoulders then brought him closer. He spoke gruffly with warmth in his voice. "Nope -- as long as they don't actually have sex or drop their pants, it's cool with the bartender." He squeezed tighter, then loosened his grip enough to rest his arm over  Vince's shoulders.

Vince shook his head in amazement, and sank back, reveling in the warmth of Grant's one-arm embrace. "Wow. That's kinda cool. I mean, I sorta thought it was a gay bar, but since I've not really been around here before..."

Brent smiled as he finished off another fry. "Yeah, it's a nice place. I'm a pretty fair player, although I haven't played in ages."

Vince put his half eaten burger back on the plate, and glanced back and forth at the two men with a frown on his face. "But why not? If they have a pool table...?"

Brent chuckled, and leaned forward with a twinkle in his eye. "Grant sucks at it. How about you - play any pool before?"

Vince shrugged, and picked up his burger again. After taking a huge bite and swallowing it, he spoke apologetically.  "Only for fun. I haven't played in a few years though." 

Grant ruffled Vince's hair with affection, and winked at both of them. "Well, we should play a game tonight when we're done eating. I wouldn't mind watching you two smack some balls together."

Brent paused, his fry poised at his mouth, and then laughed. "Now that's an image."

Vince blushed, then nodded shortly. "Sure. Why not?"

It took the three of them little time to finish off their dinner; they entered the bar after paying their bill.

With his arm draped over Vince, Grant took a cursory look around before spying an empty bar table ringed with three stools. "There's a table, if you want some drinks. I'll go hold it for us." The room was slightly smoky, with the main lighting illuminating the room above the pool table. The atmosphere induced a feeling of coziness and familiarity. Two husky fellows were shooting pool, and Grant noticed that there were at least ten people paired off, necking and petting each other. He inhaled the slight smoky tang in the air, and exhaled in enjoyment.

Vince rubbed his nose, and leaned into Grant's side slightly, as he was led to the table.

Brent glanced at the game in play then shrugged, as he walked with them to the table. "Looks like they're almost finished -- I'll ask if I can get the table after they're done." He squeezed Vince's arm, and leaned toward Vince with flirtatious humor, spoke. "Anything to drink? You are over 21, right?"

Vince made a face and sticking out his tongue at Brent. "Yeah, definitely over 21. :P At least 7 years..." He took in the sights around him, and then returned his gaze to Brent. "Um, I'd like a Diet Coke?"

Brent nodded, and flicked his gaze warmly at the older bear. "Grant?"

Grant was absently gazing at the other end of the room, and a hand touched his forearm, breaking his preoccupation. He blinked and focused on Brent. "Yeah?"

Brent's mouth quirked up in a grin. "Something to drink?" 

Grant thought about it for a second, and then decided. "Oh, sorry. Bourbon on the rocks." His glance returned to the same corner of the bar, and he pointed with his hand above Vince's shoulder. "Brent, isn't that Terry?" 

Brent turned to look in the corner and squinted. "I dunno. That looks like him, but I'll check when I get our drinks." Turning away from them, he walked to the bar counter.

Vince tried to make out who they looked like from his position, but all he could see were two slightly darkened silhouettes. One of them moved, and he made out enough to see a chunky older bear with a younger cub with a lean figure. As he watched, he saw them kissing passionately and the older bear slipping his hand into the younger one's pants. Blushing, and feeling himself twitch, he tore his gaze away.

Grant frowned as a strange sensation of lust swept through his loins in a flash, and then was gone. He looked down at Vince who was looking at the floor. Odd. I wasn't thinking of anything at all. Was that Vince? It must have been.  His mind supplied the next interesting thought. Does that mean I can feel what Vince's feeling? or vice versa? What do you call that? And how did it happen? It's happened too many times to be a coincidence.

Vince felt his face cooling, and then looked up and around the bar at the different men. He smiled as he noticed Brent bringing their drinks. He took his soda, and his smile faltered slightly, retreating to polite shyness when he saw the two men he'd seen trailing behind Brent. It didn't help that the older man's eyes kept flicking expressions of sexual hunger that made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

Grant pulled out of his preoccupation as Brent walked up with the two men. He smiled in a relaxing and friendly manner as he spoke, even though he felt slightly tense. "Well, it has been a long time, hasn't it, Terry?" The odd part was that he felt uncomfortable in Terry's presence, and for no real discernable reason. His arm tightened around Vince, unconsciously bringing him closer.
In an instant, he could sense Vince's uncertainty about this man, and his dislike for him. He frowned inwardly as the feelings continued. I'm... feeling Vince's emotions? The spell was broken after what seemed like an endless moment by Terry speaking to him.

Terry chuckled and sipped at his drink. He circled his free arm over the younger man's shoulders. "At least 3 months, I believe. Oh, this is Robin. My boy." He glanced at Vince with a flirty smile, before shifting his gaze to Grant and Brent.

Grant reluctantly moved his arm off Vince's shoulders to shake Robin's hand. "Ah. Nice to meet you. This is Vince, a friend of ours. You know Brent." He wore an easy-going smile to cover up his confusion.

Robin grinned at everyone warmly.

Vince smiled back shyly, and sipped at his soda silently.

Brent was watching Vince with a faint unease, and decided to jump in the conversation. I'm not sure I want Terry to get his hands on Vince... I'd rather have him with us… He blinked as his mental gears suddenly clicked. He glanced at Vince with a sudden smile. "They're about done with their game. Want to play?"

Vince nodded, feeling privately grateful to Brent, and took a step toward him. He put a smile on his face, and spoke to Terry and Robin politely. "It's nice to meet you two."

Grant slid his arm off of Vince, and felt Vince's relief and uneasiness dissipate completely confirming his suspicions. He grinned with a carefree shrug. "Go on with you. I'll stay here, and drink this." His mind was racing, yet as he sipped at his drink, he kept his face neutral. I have to talk to Brent about this thing -- is it only with Vince, or have I been picking up Brent as well sometimes? And why am I noticing it now?

Terry glanced at Vince, looking vaguely disappointed. "Nice to meet you too, Vince." He looked back at Grant and winked after Brent and Vince wandered to the pool table. "Where'd you find him? He's damn hot!"

Grant met Terry's wink with a bland smile, slightly omitting a few details. "He just walked into our lives, and we're letting him stay for a few days."

Terry's expression turned sly, and to Grant, looked rather predatory. "Think he'd be up for a three-way with Robin and I?"

Grant felt the urge to punch Terry out, but managed to keep a small smile plastered on his face. There's no fucking way I want Vince to be with them. But it's Vince's right to choose. I don't think he will, because of what I was feeling from him a few minutes ago. Grant kept his voice light, as he spoke.  "Ask him, at least. He may say yes or no." Robin seems like a nice boy, but I hope he's happy with Terry.  "Terry, I hate to chat and run, but I'd like to watch them play pool." He waved at Robin. "Nice meeting you."

Terry nodded and ruffled Robin's head. "Fair enough. We should go mingle." He smiled, nodding at Grant, then moved his hand to Robin's butt, and squeezed, leading him away. "Later, sexy."

Grant smiled with slight relief at Terry's departure, and moved from the table toward the pool game in progress. There was nothing wrong with Terry other than his propensity to act almost like a vulture with new 'fresh meat'. It didn't matter if he was in a relationship or not - he'd heard that Terry always had an open relationship that usually only lasted for at least six months. He shrugged his thoughts aside, as Vince bent over the pool table, and shot a solid ball down the middle pocket. Mmm. Nice.
Grant felt a rampant rush of lust surge through him, as Vince's butt moved enticingly. Shutting his eyes, he growled under his breath. Damn rules -  I wish I could yank that boy's pants down and fuck him senseless! Too bad the bartender doesn't allow that sort of thing here... It's not like a bathhouse, which is a pity 'cause if it were, I'd be bending that boy over, no matter who was watching. He shifted his weight in frustration, and tried to focus on the game. He gulped his drink as Vince sashayed his butt in preparation of using the cue to shoot a red solid ball into the corner pocket.

Brent was enjoying himself immensely while he sank a striped ball into the middle pocket. It'd been a bit too long since he'd played, and Vince was proving to be a fun player.

Vince was slightly ahead in scoring, and suspected that Brent was maybe screwing up his plays more often than not to let him win, but he really didn't care because he was just having fun. As he moved around the pool table, he noticed Grant staring at him with a familiar hunger. It reminded him almost of Terry's vaguely predatory glance but with a major difference - it was more like a lover's desire burning in Grant's eyes. He flushed and smiled warmly at Grant, then turned his attention back to the game.

* * *

Brent wandered over to the older bear while Vince was deciding on his next move, and rested his head on Grant's shoulder. "Hey, hon."

Grant wrapped his arm around Brent's shoulder, and squeezed him. He grinned and ruffled Brent's hair lovingly. "Having fun?"

Brent chuckled. "Yeah, I'm having a blast. He's fun to play pool with, even though he's doing a good job at sinking the balls -- probably just beginner's luck, though."

Grant took another sip of his drink, and smiled. "Yeah. I'm glad to hear it."

Brent hesitated, then spoke a little more seriously. "By the by... I think I've decided on the matter with Vince..."

Grant, despite the warm and light atmosphere, tensed slightly. "Yeah?"

Brent chuckled again, and patted Grant in the chest. He whispered directly into Grant's ear. "Relax -- I think we should let him stay with us for a trial period. I like the guy - from what I've learned about him since we've talked a little." He glanced at Vince who was about to hit a pool ball with his cue.

"Oh, it's my turn. Listen, we should talk about it when we get home."

Grant grinned, barely able to contain his excitement. "Yeah. We should wait. When are we telling Vince?"

Brent kissed him on the cheek, and with a smile, he chuckled. "Let's work out the rules first, then tell him. Now we play."

Grant squeezed Brent against him fondly, and growled sexily. "Oh yeah?" He paused, then quirked a smile. "Oh, you meant pool." Grant mock-pouted as he reluctantly released Brent, but managed to grab a feel of Brent's ass, before Brent darted away to play pool.

* * *

Grant ordered another bourbon on the rocks -- he was feeling a light buzz, which he found odd -- you'd think the nanites would negate those effects immediately. He shrugged those thoughts off as he watched Vince slam the 8 ball into the corner pocket and beam in victory. He watched as Brent grinned and shook his head.

Brent walked over to Vince and put his hand out. "Nice game! We should play again." 

Vince shook Brent's hand and held it with both hands. "Yeah! I had fun." A tap on the shoulder made him turn to see Terry with his arm around Robin's shoulder standing there. He resisted taking a step back at Terry's flirtatious expression. "Hey. Terry and Robin, right?"

Robin held out a card, and with a coy smile, spoke. "We wanted to give you our card -- if you're interested in playing."

Vince blinked in surprise, and took the card. He smiled faintly, unsure how to respond other than politely. "Thanks..."

Robin leaned toward Vince, and winked. "It's an open offer. I'd like to see what's under those clothes."

Vince blinked again, feeling a bit put on the spot, but kept that emotion behind a polite smile. "Ah. Thanks for the card. I'll keep it in mind..."

Robin shrugged, with a smile lurking around his eyes. "Fair enough. Maybe we'll see you around."

Terry winked at Vince before he led Robin toward the adjoining exit to the restaurant. Both of them disappeared through the hallway a moment later.

Vince breathed a slight sigh of relief -- for some reason Terry was pretty hot, but there was something about him that didn't sit quite easily with him. He shook his head, and turned to Brent. 

Brent had kept quiet while they talked to Vince, and left. He raised an eyebrow after waiting until they were out of earshot. "You don't like them?"

Vince shrugged, and looked at the red haired bear who was looking at him with sympathy. "I dunno. Robin was nice, but ...the other one...Terry - he just seemed too ... pushy?"

Brent nodded slightly. "Yes, Terry's like that. I'm sorta glad you didn't take them up on their offer. I don't know them that well -- Grant knows Terry more than I do, and well, I'd rather you stay with us for the time being..." He smiled affectionately and laid his hand on Vince's shoulder, then squeezed lightly. "Come on, let's go home. I'm pretty tired. It's been a long day."

Grant stepped up to them from a few feet away, draping his arms across Vince's torso and shoulders, and then holding him from behind. "I agree. I'm glad you're staying with us." He winked at Brent over Vince's shoulder, and squeezed Vince a bit tighter. "Terry -- well, he knows what he wants. And so do I."

Brent grinned. "Yeah, yeah. You certainly do." He scrunched his face up to appear annoyed, then chuckled. "Okay, ready to go home?"

Vince and Grant spoke simultaneously. "Yes."


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