Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 12)

Author's Note:
WHEW. Finally this is finished. I foresee at least approximately 1 or 2 chapters to go before I actually complete this story. Thanks to my friends on FN for their help in resolving some of my difficulties!

Onto the story!

Chapter 12

Two minutes later, Grant had Vince slowly lay on his stomach onto the bed. He frowned as Vince wore a grimace of pain on his face while trying to get comfortable. Taking his cigar out of his mouth, he spoke gruffly. "Try to get comfy." He went to the nearest ashtray which was behind him on the dresser and tapped ash off his lit cigar. He placed it into the ashtray, turned around, and tried to decide how to start.

Vince bit back a groan as he tried to find a good position for his arms and legs that took the pressure off his back. Vince winced slightly every time his back twinged with sharp pain, until he found the position that gave him very little trouble and stayed there.
Grant shook his head silently, and wondered what'd gotten Vince's back like that. He knew back pain was more common than people thought, but Vince seemed too young for that. He felt his loins swelling as his gaze traveled slowly down the soft curves of Vince's body, and stopped at his ass. He bit his lip and pushed back his rising lust to mentally send a signal to the nanites to soften his erection.

He climbed onto the bed and settled down on his knees to Vince's left. Grant slid his hands over Vince's shoulders and squeezed softly. He applied light pressure around the neck, then outward to the shoulders.

Vince purred softly, forgetting about his lower back pain for several minutes. It felt so good to have the older bear's hands doing that to him that he closed his eyes with a small smile on his face.

Grant smiled and paused briefly. "Mmhmm, feels good?" His hands prodded and kneaded at Vince's back, and worked their way downward. 

Vince couldn't form a coherent thought enough to talk, so he just nodded slightly. He burrowed his face into the bed, and felt his body relax even further despite the slight jabbing pain he could distantly feel in his lower back.

Grant was happy that Vince was enjoying himself. He prided himself on being able to make Brent, and now Vince relax under his hands. He smirked, as another thought occurred to him. Along with getting them excited, that is... "How're you feeling so far?"

Vince groaned out a soft reply. "Great. Just great..."

Grant moved his hands lower down Vince's back and pushed at a tender spot. "How about this?"

Vince, even though he was relaxed, jerked as if stabbed. "Oh fuck! That's where it hurts..." He raised his head and glared at Grant.

Grant apologized immediately, and rubbed Vince's shoulder with his hand. "Okay, now we know where the worst of it is..." He squeezed the cub's shoulder in reassurance. "I'll do what I can." Putting his hands back on Vince's back just above the tender spot, Grant went to work.

* * *

After a hour of kneading, and not finding any more knots in Vince's back, Grant laid down, then pressing up against his cub's body. He caressed Vince's hair, and spoke quietly. "Feeling better, boy?"

Vince slowly blinked, and turned his head toward Grant, then smiled sleepily. He couldn't feel the pain in his back anymore, and his limbs refused to move out of sheer comfortableness. "...Yeah, it's feeling a hell of a lot better."

Grant leaned to kiss Vince lightly on the lips. He shifted his weight so he was partially lying on top of Vince's leg and back, with his arm draped across his cub's waist. He hissed under his breath as his dick sprung to full attention; He couldn't resist humping Vince's thigh for a few seconds before grinning at him.

Vince eyed him, and with mock surprise, spoke dramatically. "What? Again?" 

Grant snorted in amusement, and squeezed Vince's butt. "So? You haven't complained about it. Why start now?"

Vince blinked sleepily. "...Heh. Who said I was complaining?"

The big bear grinned, then chuckled. "Famous last words..." Grant trailed his fingers up his cub's spine with a feather-light touch, then rested them on Vince's neck; After a moment of comfortable silence, he glanced back at the dresser, and mentally smacked himself. "Damn. Almost forgot my cigar." He then rolled off the bed quickly, and strode toward the tall dresser opposite them.

Vince shifted onto his side, and his gaze became glued to Grant's broad back as the muscles flexed. He let out a soundless whistle, considering himself damn lucky. He turned over onto his back, and blinked in surprise. His back wasn't troubling him at all. From time to time there'd be a slight twinge left, no matter how skilled the masseur was, but ... his back felt just perfect. He resisted the impulse to wriggle around... just in case. He gazed at the ceiling, and mumbled. "I'm dreaming this, aren't I? It's all too good to be true."

Grant picked up the cigar, and tapped the ash off, then stuck it in his mouth. Puffing on it several times, he turned around and saw Vince on his back with a half-smile on his face. He stepped toward the bed and spoke with his cigar in his jaw. "What're you smiling about?"

Vince, still wearing his half-smile, glanced at the older bear. "I'm not dreaming, am I? I mean, I'm actually here. With you."

Taking another drag and exhaling slowly, he spoke with amusement. "No, you're not dreaming."
Grant sat softly on the bed, and rubbed his cub's stomach in a lazy, circular motion. "See? I'm here. His mouth curved up warmly, as he took his cigar out of his mouth and holding it in his right hand. "As much as I'd love to stay in bed forever, we really should get dressed for dinner."

Vince rested his hands onto Grant's left hand, then moved it against his chest. He felt slightly nervous and somehow drew from Grant's warm expression a small bit of calmness. For some reason, he felt safe being around Grant. "Oh yeah. I didn't realize the day went by that fast."

Grant chuckled. "Me either. Alright, we'll see if my clothes actually fit you." He slipped his hand out of Vince's hands, and moved to the chair by the tall dresser. Grant put his stogie out in the ashtray, and turned to the clothes. Picking them up, he carried them back and laid them on the foot-end of the bed. Holding his hand out, Grant smiled. "Lemme give you a hand up."

Vince took Grant's hand, and was pulled up so he was sitting upright. He was mesmerized by the muscles flexing in Grant's arm, which distracted him from the fact that his back wasn't screaming in agony for several seconds. As it sunk in, he blinked, then with widened eyes, stared up at Grant. "Whoa."

Grant knit his brows together in puzzlement. "What?"

Vince brimmed with blissful relief. "My back... it's actually better!"

Grant chuckled, and waggled his fingers on his free hand. "I have magic hands!" He squeezed Vince's hand fondly, and kept holding on.

Vince squeezed back, reluctantly letting go of Grant's hand. "I really appreciate what you just did..." He swung his feet over the edge of the bed. He smiled shyly. "Thanks."

Grant patted Vince's shoulder a couple times, and squeezed it, wearing a warm grin on his face. "You're welcome." He walked to the closet, and started rifling through his clothes.

Vince rested his hands on his knees for support as he got to his feet. Straightening upright fully, he sighed blissfully, and stretched upward. He felt his spine pop a couple times before he was finished. Vince watched Grant move, counting himself damn lucky to have ended up here and now. If only he were absolutely certain about Brent wanting him to stay. He knew he had Grant's staunch support, but Brent hadn't been around that much the last couple days.

Grant muttered under his breath, trying to pick something relatively nice. What should I wear? Blue? Nah, what about green? I know I have a couple of green shirts... After several minutes he found a nice dark green t-shirt, along with a nice pair of stonewashed black jeans. It only took a few more minutes for him to shed his sweats, and pull the rest on.

Vince exhaled quietly, and started getting dressed, with his back turned. It didn't take him long to finish, and he turned around. He blinked, and went slack-jawed when Grant wriggled a form-fitting green t-shirt over his back. Vince abruptly shook his head, and tried to relax.

Grant was worried as he pulled his shirt on, but the worry was short-lived. It was still breathable, yet snug in all the right places. He glanced down at his shirt, and grinned -- he'd probably attract a lot of looks tonight... Grant turned around and smiled. "You finished yet?"

Vince nodded, trying not to stare at Grant's barrel-sized chest by keeping his gaze firmly on Grant's face. "Er, yeah, other than putting some socks on..."

Grant snapped his fingers in sudden realization. "Oh yeah, that's right! What size do you wear?" He hadn't missed the blatant stare just a second ago, and grinned inwardly. This shirt's working already!

* * *

A hour later, Grant was lounging upright on the couch, caressing Vince's head lying in his lap. A new science fiction movie was playing on cable TV, and Vince had burbled on wanting to see it. Grant was amused at Vince's eagerness, so he agreed to watching it. He wasn't one for a lot of science fiction movies, but for Vince, he'd watch whatever the cub wanted.

To his surprise, the movie was about nanotechnology -- and one megalomaniac's goal to spread genetic engineering through the world in his image. He thought the main plot seemed like a cliché, but it was also presented in a way that was eerily possible. His thoughts on the movie shifted to questions bouncing around in his brain.

Why is it that I can control my dick like that? Should I try experimenting on doing other things? I'm positive that my eyes changed colors because of my dream. Can I really make those nanites do things? Just making myself rock hard and go soft couldn't be the best I can do? The big question is -- what else should I do? Would Brent even know the limits? Should I even try? After all, any physical changes seem to be permanant... I wouldn't want to be stuck with something I couldn't change back.
Grant broke out of his preoccupied thoughts at Vince's chuckle. He then smiled at Vince who was staring enrapt at the movie. His hand rested lightly on Vince's neck, then moved to stroke his cub's beard. The contact sent electric tingles through his hands directly to his libido. He squeezed his eyes shut and bit back a groan. Mentally, he clamped down on the up surging lust and willed himself flaccid.

Exhaling slowly, Grant opened his eyes, and sank back further inside the couch. He was vaguely surprised at the ease it had taken to take control of it. Oh, Thank god that was much easier. Maybe it means I'm more comfortable with Vince; God only knows I was catching up for lost time when Brent and I were dating early in our relationship. It didn't take us long to figure out what we loved best.  He shook his head ruefully. No doubt about it -- I'm insatiable.

Grant chuckled privately at that thought. At least my nuts get emptied frequently. Brent was right about my sex drive -- the level shot beyond what I'd used to have, but I'm not complaining!  He stretched upward, and rested his head on his hand, as another thought occurred to him with a slight frown. I'm not sure what'd happen if I couldn't bust a nut for more than a couple days. Not sure I'd want to store up that much -- I'd get blue balls for sure.

A funny but bizarre and perverted idea flitted through Grant's head, making him speculate. What if I could somehow make my nuts a bit bigger, or shoot a horse-sized load? 

Caution shot through him as he considered the possible problems. He shook his head. I shouldn't do anything to change myself physically -- not yet, anyway.  There's no telling how painful it would be to enlarge my nuts -- since it hurt like a bitch when I got my lungs cleared out. Although - shooting almost as much as a horse does have it's appeal. That could possibly work, and could keep me sated for longer. Damn, now I'm curious!

He was lost in his thoughts until he heard the front door open. He blinked, shaking himself out of his preoccupation. Grant nodded at Brent as he walked in wearing a weary but warm smile.

Brent hung his jacket up on the wall by the front door, and turned around. He chuckled with amusement, as he loosened his tie. "I see you two haven't killed each other yet. That's good."

Vince blushed, and sat up and looked shyly up at Brent. "Heh. I guess it is."

Grant tousled Vince's hair, and rumbled out a laugh. "We're getting along fine."

Brent grinned in satisfaction, and undid the top two buttons of his shirt. "Great! I'm exhausted."

Grant raised an eyebrow. "Long day, babe?"

Brent groaned, shaking his head slightly. "A bit, yeah. There were a lot of appointments -- a couple of them panicked at the sight of needles so we had to sedate them." He ran his hand through his hair, and yawned slightly, then scratched his full reddish beard. Brent focused on Vince, suddenly remembering something.  "Oh yeah, Vince - I could use a favor -- Mind helping me pick something to wear for tonight?"

Vince frowned, feeling mystified. "Okay, sure." He slid to the edge of the couch, and got to his feet.
With a small smile, Brent turned to head into the hallway with Vince trailing shortly behind him.
Grant watched them disappear, and frowned for a second. Hmm, Brent must want to talk to Vince alone about something... Wonder what it is exactly... Shaking his head, he reached toward the table for one of his cigars, and lit it, then waited.

* * *

Brent strode into the bedroom and waited by the door for Vince to enter. He smiled and closed the door most of the way. Walking past Vince, he went to the closet and rummaged through a couple shirts.

Vince was nervous as he watched Brent walk to the closet. He stepped forward once, then spoke slowly. It felt like a setup - to either pump him for information, or to deliver bad news. "Uh, is everything okay?"

Brent turned to gaze at Vince, and smiled gently. "Yep. Just wanted to ask you a few things while I change."

Vince still felt unease for no reason, and tried to cover it up by asking, "Oh. About what?" He slid his hands behind him, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

Brent sighed as he pulled out a rust-colored shirt, and grimaced. "Well, I wanted to know if you were finding things comfortable here?" He hung the shirt back up, then turned to face Vince with an expectant smile.

Vince couldn't help but smile back. "It's a very nice place. He gave me a tour."

Brent chuckled. "Showed you his models, eh?"

Vince nodded brightly. "Oh yea, they're pretty neat -- and the computer looks wicked."

Brent beamed with pride. "Thanks. It is. Built it myself." He moved closer, and rested his hands on Vince's shoulders, then squeezed softly. "I'd been thinking about you today at work." He rubbed Vince's neck gently with his thumbs, and winked.

Vince flushed slightly, as his throat went slightly dry. He saw Brent's flirtatious expression, and almost squeaked. "Oh...?"

Brent just smiled and leaned in to kiss Vince softly. He whispered in a low voice while kissing Vince's lips. "Relax. You're too tense. I like you. You're downright sexy, and a nice guy -- from what I do know of you so far. Help me with my tie?"

Vince looked at him confusedly, feeling suddenly off balance by the flirtatious request. "Uh... Thank you. I like you too." He reached his hands up to Brent's loosened tie, and unknotted it completely.
Brent took Vince's hands in his own, and kissed them softly then rested Vince's palms on his chest. "So, you are comfortable with both of us? If you do stay -- we'd have to set up a few rules if you're going to live in our house. Would you be willing to follow them?"

Vince nodded, letting the warmth of Brent's broad chest spread into his hands. His voice wavered, as the second question sank in a moment later. "Yes! A-anything -- I ..." He shut his eyes and whispered. "I... don't want to be out on the street anymore. I'd do anything to have somewhere to stay." Vince felt Brent's hands leave his shoulders and grip his waist, then they encircled him in a tight hug.
Brent spoke firmly, but his voice contained a rich rumble of warmth. "Good. I'll need to talk to Grant about the rules, but I wanted to be certain you weren't just looking for a handout." He loosened his grip and moved his hands to rub lightly on Vince's lower back.

Vince quickly looked up into Brent's face in surprise. "You mean... I could stay? Really?!"

Brent smiled crookedly with merriment lit in his eyes. "It's possible -- but I haven't quite decided just yet. There are two things that might help: Unbutton my shirt, and kiss me." 

Vince raised his eyebrows with a corner of his mouth curving upward. "Oh, is that all?"

Brent chuckled. "It'll do for now."

Vince sighed melodramatically, as if put out, and shook his head. "If I must..." His fingers started to undo the buttons down to the belly. Delighted that Brent wasn't wearing an undershirt, he ran his fingers through the chest fur making Brent sigh blissfully. He caught Brent's lower lip in his teeth and tugged softly.

Brent rumbled in pleasure, squeezing Vince's body tighter. He nibbled on Vince's lips teasingly, and kissed him firmly before pulling back slightly. "Mm... that's nice."

Vince reddened slightly at the compliment, and buried his face into Brent's shoulder, then nuzzled the red bear's soft whiskers. Brent's warm scent wafted into his nose, and he inhaled softly, and rubbed his nose into the red bear's chest fur.

Brent grunted, and held Vince's head with his hand. He squeezed Vince's neck gently, and his voice roughened huskily. "Mmm. Better stop that, or we'll never get to dinner..."

Vince took a deep breath, and reluctantly pulled back. He looked up at Brent sheepishly. "Heh... Sorry."

Brent smiled, and stroked Vince's cheek. "Plenty of time for that later." His stomach growled audibly, making both of them blink, and chuckle softly. "Well, I guess we can't put it off any longer." He turned back to the closet, and pulled out a couple shirts, then held them out side by side. "Well? Which one do you like better?" 


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