Flipping Out - Ch 1

"Flipping Out" (A Society of Weres Story)
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 1

A young man in his middle 20's looked doubtfully at his friend Meribel. He slouched on a lawn chair, and scritched his short goatee, then let his hand drop onto his knee.

"You can do that?"

Meribel bubbled over with laughter. "Of course, Matt. I'll help you apply."

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, wow. Thank you."

She had a smile on her face, that reminded Matt of a cat pleased with itself..

It had been hard to admit that he wanted to apply to the nearest Society of Weres -- where people could become werewolves, and immerse themselves in Were culture. Many people -- mostly his family didn't understand his rapt interest in Were Society. They tolerated, and liked his Were friends, but some of his family was hoping he'd find a nice female to settle down with.

Matt had other ideas of what he liked -- and it wasn't a female, much to Meribel's dismay.

He didn't know if he could be admitted into the local Society, but he had a secret hope that he could become a Were, or at least a honorary Were member. Meribel had intimated that it was certainly possible, but she remained close-lipped on most of the details on this topic.

He had attended the University at 22 and gradually found several courses relating to Weres -- History, and Health, along with an elective class -- Beginner's Sorcery. In the latter, he didn't do very well, since he didn't have enough active talent. The professor did imply that he had a deep latent talent for something, however, as the class ended.

He left the elective class with a little disappointment.

The professors seemed to go out of their way to be nice to him, making the classes easy to absorb and learn Were culture and customs, along with fascinating details of Were physiology, and Were-specific conditions that could afflict them.

Matt laid back on the lawn chair, gazing at the clouds that drifted by, in Meribel's backyard. She had invited him over earlier today for a casual lunch and to hang out.

* * *

Several weeks sped by in a blur as the application process moved slowly. The document that Matt had to fill out had a few strange questions, but primarily focused on his background, and his family tree information, along with his scholastic achievements.

He also had to submit some blood for DNA testing, as well, which made him curious about exactly what they were looking for, but Meribel reassured him that everything was just to make sure he was eligible.

Matt really wanted to fulfill every request that the Society of Weres in his region made, but it had seemed like everything was a little over the top. He tried not to dwell on it too much, and tried to be patient.

He was returning home, and was about to check his messages, when the phone rang.

He picked it up and spoke. "Hello?"

A cultured female voice said in a clear voice. "Am I speaking to Matt Jameson?"

Matt blinked, then confirmed it. "Yeah, who's this?"

The voice replied succinctly. "I'm the application approvals officer for the local Society of Weres. I called to inform you that you have been reviewed, and an interview has been set up for several days from now."

Excitement filled him with glee, as he replied. "Oh my god. Thank you! Where do I show up?"

The voice held a little more warmth in it as she spoke again. "Show up here, and at 5 o'clock in the afternoon."

She recited the address, and Matt scribbled it down on a pad of paper that was sitting by the answering machine.

Matt smiled. "Got it! Thank you. Um... What should I expect?"

She seemed to shrug through the phone. "Just another interview to basically confirm your application, along with possibly personal questions on your opinions. Otherwise, the interviewer will inform you if anything else is required."

Matt mmhmmed. "I see. Thanks. Have a great evening."

The lady had a warm tone to her voice as she spoke again. "You too, sir. Good bye."

She hung up, leaving Matt holding the phone in wonder. He gradually replaced the receiver in it's cradle and whooped once in joy.

"Hot damn! I'm so close to getting in!"

He was on a natural high for the rest of the night.

* * *

Matt was keyed up the night before his interview -- he could not relax enough to sleep, and when he did manage to drop off, it was into fitful dreaming.

Thankfully he didn't really have to work that day -- so his restlessness finally burned itself out at 8am, granting him a full 8 hours that morning to afternoon.

When he awoke again, he felt fully refreshed yet a pent up excitement was still evident. He leaped out of bed and made himself some lunch, then showered.

Once he was all ready, he paced the apartment that he lived in -- a small efficiency apartment that he could only afford on his wages.

He didn't really mind the small space -- he didn't bring many men to his place, and didn't have a boyfriend to impress either. Only Meribel had seen the inside of it and she considered it a cozy spot to hang out.

Matt studied the address on the paper, and frowned. It'd take him at least 15 to 30 minutes to drive there. He glanced at the wall clock, then hurried to dress and leave.

* * *

He pulled up to a red bricked building that resembled an apartment complex combined with a school campus. Finding a parking spot, he stared up at the tall building with part anxiety and part giddiness. Inside that place would be a new life, possibly. Or at least a new start with new challenges...

He sneaked a peek at his watch, relieved that he'd be a bit early, then started walking up the steps of the front doors.

Matt saw several people milling around down the hallway to each side, and a front desk that reminded him of a corporate reception area.

A man was seated behind the counter, busily answering calls. Matt could hear things like "Society of Weres, how can I help you? No, The Elder isn't available. May I transfer you to someone else?" He noticed that the receptionist was swarthy, pretty hot looking, and entirely businesslike.

He stepped up to the counter, feeling anxious, but excited to be there. Waiting for the receptionist to look up, he stood there quietly, hoping that the callers would cease for a moment.

Finally after several long impatient moments, the receptionist glanced upward, and spoke politely.

"You have an appointment?"

Matt fumbled for a response, and nodded mutely for a moment before speaking. "Um, yeah. Matt Jameson... I have an interview..."

The swarthy receptionist raised a brow, then checked the appointment book, and glanced upward for a second. He then punched in a number, and waited for an answer. Matt couldn't hear anything except for "Yes, he's here. Definitely. Positive." As he hung up, he had a small smile on his face with a nod. "So you do. You're a little early, aren't you?"

Matt shrugged. "I guess so. I didn't want to be late."

A broader smile grew on the receptionist's face. "Of course not. Your interview will be down the hall to the left, and in room 103. Elder Holms will see you now."

Matt nodded, feeling slight unease seep in, but he dismissed it as nerves. The guy who had smiled at him seemed weird -- almost predatory. But not exactly dangerous, per se, just...hungry. He was slightly used to it from Meribel occasionally but not from a guy.

Walking down the hall, he had the oddest sensation that people were sizing him up whenever he was passing them by until he found the room. Matt opened the door to find a relatively sparse room with only two chairs, and a rectangular table.

There was no one in there that Matt could see. He stepped in, then closed the door, and stood by one of the chairs. Feeling rather uncertain about his next movement, he decided to just wait.

* * *

An older man in his early 50's walked down the hall toward room 103. He held a commanding figure despite having the appearance of a slightly chubby teddy-bear. Elder Holms didn't know what to expect with each interview, but he knew one thing -- if they were actually invited for an interview, then they were just as good as a Were.

The air held a teasing waft of pheromones that he could breathe in - very faint, but it held a fairly strong allure for him, which confused him. Most people who made it this far had a rather weak pheromone output, and were virtually undetectable until they were inducted.

He stopped in front of the door, the scent now flaring strongly in his nostrils. The urge to mate was blisteringly strong that it almost physically smote him where he stood. It took all his willpower to resist leaping at him without a second thought.

And he didn't even know what Matt looked like.

He exhaled sharply and went into an adjacent room immediately to try to clear the intoxicating scent from his mind.

Drawing on his meditative skills, he closed his eyes, and relaxed his breathing, along with his sexual drive. He shut the latter away which took a fair effort because it was diffcult to control himself, but he managed to block it away temporarily.

After ten minutes of doing this, he exhaled, then got to his feet. He started to stretch himself then he made his way back to the front of the door leading to Room 103. He gritted his teeth, then went in, hoping his self-control wouldn't shatter.

* * *

Matt felt like pacing the floor even though he'd been waiting at least ten minutes. He had arrived early, but it seemed as they were making him cool his heels longer than necessary. .

The door opened, making his glance dart to the door.

An older man stepped in with a charming smile, with balding hair, dark black mutton chops and a salt & pepper 'stache. He had oval glasses on, which conspired to make Matt like him even more. He situated himself behind the table, as if slightly nervous.

He was left speechless as the man spoke in a velvet baritone. It made him melt slightly on the inside, and ache at the same time.

"I'm sorry about the wait. I had to get some paperwork in order and it took a little longer than usual. I'm Elder Holms, the head of this Society of Weres."

Matt nodded dumbly, then gathered his wits about him. "O-oh. It's fine."

Elder Holms smiled again. "Have a seat, Matt."

Matt stumbled over the chair and seated himself without too much trouble.

Elder Holms was privately and profoundly glad that he had exercised some meditation just before the interview. As it was now, he could smell Matt's pheromones clinging to him in a heavy intense aura. And Matt was interested. Intensely interested. And he felt himself want to respond to make Matt his.

The older man seated himself, and clasped his hands together, beginning the interview.

His conversational tone took Matt by surprise at the first few questions asked. Matt tried to answer them the best he could.

"Why do you want to be a Were?"

"What do you think about magic?"

"What would you use magic for?"

"What is your talent, and how far can you go with it?"

"What do you see doing for the Society of Weres?"

It went on in a similar vein until he moved to scholastic stuff, then Matt started to feel better, and more comfortable territory.

After what seemed like several hours of grilling, he was obscurely relieved and disappointed when Elder Holms stood up, and smiled.

"Congratulations. You've been accepted into the Society of Weres."

Matt stood up and blinked in shock. "Really? I am? Thank you!"

Elder Holms chuckled richly, but inwardly was an entirely different matter. He felt a bit shaky. His self-control was eroding slowly. It was time to leave and clear his head for a moment.

"Let's get you started -- You have one more test -- more or less before you're fully inducted."

Elder Holms led Matt into a common room in the west wing of the building, and told him to sit at the couch, and talk to whoever initated a conversation with him.

Matt was confused at the direction. "Um, why?"

The older man shrugged carelessly. "It's how we do things. Let's call it roommate-picking." He wasn't quite comfortable lying to this guy, but it was too soon to reveal their greatest secret.

Matt spoke quietly. "Okay." He had gotten himself this far, and if he had to follow strange directions to finish his induction, then so be it.

Elder Holms nodded slightly, hesitating and looking at a point on a wall above Matt. He was extremely reluctant to leave, but he had to let the other students wander in and out without interference. He was absolutely certain that no one would be attractive enough for Matt for any of the other Weres to pounce -- at least 80% reasonably certain.

He nodded a farewell and left the room. He wished he could exercise his pregorative as an Elder to claim the new person, but it would set a precedent not like any other.

[To Be Continued]

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