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Updated pages

Alrighty, I added a new page for my Sketch Dumps.

I don't know how much I'll update that, but hope people at least take a peek.

In other news, the Grizzly Science Bios are sorta updated with new art, at least.

"A Grizzly Christmas"

Author's Note: 

Thanks to deathklat (a friend of mine) for his help in naming this short fluff piece for Christmas, and with keeping this thing short. God knows I'd have kept writing lol.

Onto the short fic :)

Yow - Fanart and Slight Update

Sorry about that folks. I think I'll be updating again soon.

Grizzly Science #2 is all completed, so that might be posted next.

As for the other stories... I dunno what I'll pick next.

Here's "Grant" from Grizzly Science made from
I was totally blindsided by his fanart one day, and ...well, damn. ;) I think it's fucking kickass!