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Flipping Out - Ch 5

"Flipping Out" (A Society of Weres Story)
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 5

Shawn's heart lightened with glee as Matt accepted. His smile broadened into a dazzling display of teeth.

"Really? You'll still be willing, even though...?"

Matt felt his heart constrict in painful lust at the sudden allure he felt emanating from the older guy. He nodded dumbly, his eyes never leaving Shawn's face. In fact, confusing emotions were beginning to surface in him -- lust for the older guy, and genuine affection was starting to grow.

Even though he didn't know the Were that well...there was just something about him Matt liked.

Flipping Out - Ch 4

"Flipping Out" (A Society of Weres story) 
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 4

Shawn sat at the edge of his bed, with his face buried in his hands. He had no energy today -- from catching nearly no sleep. What rest he could snatch were plagued by erotic dreams of Matt.

It was a wonder he hadn't gone mad...and a slight part of him occasionally wondered if he hadn't already done so. The last three days had passed like an eternity ever since he called in sick, and never went back.

Shawn had started to feel that some of his co-workers were being nosy -- prying where they shouldn't, and more than usual. It had made him feel trapped and uneasy. He had nothing to tell them -- since he hadn't seen Matt since that night.

Flipping Out - Ch 3

"Flipping Out" (A Society of Weres Story)
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 3
The awkward silence drew out, while Matt racked his brain to figure out what to say or do. Once decided, he got to his knees, and crawled closer, touching Shawn's hunched shoulder. "Tell me?"

Shawn gritted his teeth, and pulled away, feeling guilty. I shouldn't let him touch me, or me him. Not yet. As it was, the light touch had sent a shudder of lust to his loins. He had to bite his lip in order to stifle his moan.

He exhaled deeply. "Please. Don't touch me until I'm done explaining."

Flipping Out - Ch 2

Here's the next chapter of 'Flipping Out' - Enjoy!

"Flipping out" (A Society of Weres Story)
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 2

Matt sat on the couch, feeling annoyed, and wondering what the hell he was doing here. True, he had gotten into the Society here, but it didn't feel much different, and he had no idea what to really expect.

After several minutes of empty silence, a woman entered the common room, digging out change out of her pocket to get herself a soda.

Flipping Out - Ch 1

"Flipping Out" (A Society of Weres Story)
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 1

A young man in his middle 20's looked doubtfully at his friend Meribel. He slouched on a lawn chair, and scritched his short goatee, then let his hand drop onto his knee.

"You can do that?"

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