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Grizzly Science - Ch.12

Chapter 12

Grant tapped at his keyboard, finishing up his work. He was anxious to get the day over with, resisting the urge to peek at the wall clock.

He frowned as he mistyped a number, and hit the backspace key, then redid it properly. Grant's hands paused, hovering over the keyboard, as his thoughts wandered to his favorite subject - Brent. It'd been about five or six months since they met, give or take a few weeks. Grant had come to a realization that he had become more optimistic in his views, and suspected it was largely due to Brent's zest for life. It was hard to remain cynical in the red-head's wake.

His hands resumed typing in the last of the information, then he straightened up against the chair. He smiled to himself, then clicked the mouse pointer over the "OK" box to save his work.

Grizzly Science - Ch. 11

Chapter 11

Brent awoke gradually, not recognizing the place immediately. The first thing he registered was large furry arms were encircled around his chest.

His mind was still fuzzy from sleepiness, and warm memories of the night washed over him. He faintly recalled sleeping with Grant, and his mind leaped into full awareness. Ordinarily he'd scramble out of bed realizing he'd done something horribly wrong, but this time -- he felt perfectly safe. There was a strange rightness about all of this.

He never wanted to budge from this spot. He let Grant's heat seep into his body, warming his entire being.

He felt the urge to piss. He mentally scowled in irritation. His bladder just had to pick this time to complain.

Grizzly Science - Ch. 10

Warnings: Implicit Sex Incoming! 

Chapter 10

Grant knelt over Brent, with his hands supporting his upper half on the bed, panting lightly, and covered with slightly sweat-sodden fur. They had been making out and exploring each other for what seemed an eternity, but in actuality only about a half hour passed.