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Cropped Headshot of Grant Peterson - Bearded and Brown haired in steam.
(Grant Peterson - Thanks for Lykanthrope for the drawing!)

Grant Peterson

A towering man at 6'3", he packs on the muscle of a bodybuilder gone to seed, and carries a nice gut. He has dark black hair, and blue-golden eyes, with quite a bit of fur on his body. Initially, he had a cynical and pessimistic world view, but after meeting Brent, it underwent a radical change. Personality-wise, he's a warm and friendly man with a sense of humor tinged with sexual lasciviousness.

A list of his hobbies to date:

   - Likes to read Books:
      - Historical Antecdotes
      - Science Fiction Short Stories
      - Certain Mystery Serials
   - Watches TV/Movies/News Occasionally
      - Genres
        - Comedy
        - Foreign
        - Action/Adventure
        - Drama
        - Historical
        - Occasional Fantasy/Sci Fi Movie
   - Likes to put together models of Vintage Cars
   - Basic Computer Operation - Email, Surfing websites of Model Cars
   - Good Cook

His favorite two things:

Sex. SEX. Sweaty, hard, blistering hot sex. And a nice relaxing cigar. Not always in that order.

He takes information from his company, plugs it into the computer, and then prints papers out occasionally. His job as a computer worker isn't his favorite thing in the world, but he's almost up for retirement. 

Also, a new picture has been unearthed by an artist friend of mine for Grant... Hope everyone enjoys this one!

Shirtless Grant reclining on couch, relaxing with a cigar.
(Grant Relaxing - Drawn by NessEggMan)

Grant sitting on a sofa chair, left hand clenched, cigar in mouth, as his erect dick explodes in a geyser.
("Grant having a blast!" by Gonk from Y!Gallery.)

Brent Williams
(No Picture Yet)

A stout man similar in physique as Grant, he's slightly shorter, with a reddish pelt all over, and a shortly trimmed beard. Sporting green eyes, he always has a twinkle in his eye. A bit carefree as well, but he tends to exhibit caution more often than Grant. He has an intense interest in scifi and fantasy things, and is a computer whiz, which helps him in his job as a Tech-Nol employee. He is mainly responsible for ensuring the nanites are properly programmed, and distributed to the right patient.

His favorite thing to do is unwind and watch old Sci-fi movies.

The rest of his hobbies to date:

      - Watches TV/Movies Occasionally
         - Genres
            - Comedy
            - Romance
            - Science Fiction/Fantasy (Occasional)
            - Drama
            - Action/Adventure
      - Computer Geek - Programming, Surfing, Email, Gen. Tech Guy.
      - Secret: He browses anthromorphic art.
      - Basic Cook
      - Plays Pool badly.

Vince Hawkins
(No picture yet)

He's around 5'10", and pear-shaped. He follows the Norse Pantheon and is drawn to Odin. He has had some rough times, and manages to keep a positive outlook on life. He's also significantly younger than Brent and Grant - being 26. He's also got brown hair, and warm brown eyes with a light fur pelt just about everywhere except the back and shoulders. Also sports scruff, and short trimmed beard.

He has a few hobbies and interests below.

   - Dungeons and Dragons gaming
   - Eating All food
   - Mythology/Metaphysical Books
   - Science Fiction/Fantasy Books
   - Interested in programming (Nanites)
   - Likes Furry Art. (Even if Brent and Vince don't talk about it they know about each other's interest)
   - Likes playing Pool
   - Loves to Bake desserts.

Marc ???
(No picture yet)

Brief Cameo in "Piercings" - and in the Nano Novel "Gods Live Again" which I have to finish/edit.

Jared Wolfe
(No picture yet)

A character that I'm writing about in #3 Grizzly Science: Man in Beast, with an Older Vince.


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