Sketch Dump

This is probably where I'm going to dump my sketches, and maybe inked works/colored works. Expect to see a few arts eventually. There probably won't be a lot of them, since I don't draw like the energizer bunny -- just when I'm in the mood to doodle something or if I wanna try drawing a particular character concept of mine.

Anthro Walrus WIP
Headshot of a Walrus man with large tusks

Just a walrus 'man' I decided to try drawing based on another artist's prompting to try to draw one. I've never drawn a walrus before. Taken with my Netbook Webcam. Doodled with a mechanical pen on computer paper. Took about 15 minutes?

Hope people like this. Might try inking again later -- I'm starting to like Photoshop CS3 quite a bit -- at least for inking. Paint Shop Pro 9 sucks for inking, imho. The lines are all blocky in PSP9, and CS3 has more features for paintbrushes in general -- like smoothing, texture, anti-aliasing, etc etc.

More coming soonish~!

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