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X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 15)

Author's Note: Many thanks to Kindar! :) Btw, this is the last chapter (for now) until I do manage to finish off another chapter chronicling Tad and Logan's story.

Chapter 15

Tad's eyes opened the next morning to see drab light peeking through a slightly pulled aside curtain. He blinked slowly, and focused on the window, then realized it was cloudy. Covering his eyes with his arm, he laid there a few minutes longer, before sitting up wearily. His thoughts were muddled as he tried to recall the date. What day is it? Oh...yeah. Sunday. I guess I go home today.

That thought didn't fill him with as much appeal as it did two days ago. He slowly pushed the blanket aside, and trudged into the bathroom to take a shower.

Tad sat at the edge of the bed, pulling on his pants, when he heard a rap on the door. He sighed, and called out, "Hold on a minute!", then yanked them all the way up, buttoning them.

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 14)

Author's Note: Sorry for not updating last Sunday – I'm gonna make up for it by posting two chapters tonight. Btw, Big THANK YOU to Kindar for his help! :) I really do appreciate you looking over my stuff.

Chapter 14

Brenda was pulling out various groceries from several paper bags, and setting them onto the counter when Logan strode into the kitchen.

She looked at him with a little smile. "Hey. He's still conked out?"

Logan shrugged, and leaned against the counter. The last thing he wanted for Brenda to feel was his frustration, and he thought he was doing enough to suppress it. "Yeah. Still snoring."

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 13)

Author's Note: I could have sworn I posted it last night! Apologies to everyone who was expecting a new chapter then. Big thanks to deathklat and Kindar for his help with suggestions, beta-reading and the like.

Chapter 13

Logan stood stupefied at the empty bed. Where the hell was Tad? Did I do something wrong? I was just teasing him... How did I scare him? I thought he was starting to relax with me...

Logan flinched as a loud rapping came from the door, and Brenda's voice call out sharply. "Let me in!" He hurried to unlock and open the door to see her run in breathlessly.  

Brenda caught her breath, took one look around, and ground her teeth in frustration. "Dammit. Logan -- you're coming with me. I know where he's gone." She made a beeline for Tad's pants, then dug out his keys and wallet. "I know where he's going."

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 12)

As usual: Continued Thanks to Kindar for his help! :)
Chapter 12
The only thought on his mind was to help Logan. Intellectually he knew that Logan would most likely survive the crash they'd heard, but he wasn't thinking with his head. Once he reached the bar entrance, he hesitated when Brenda shouted for him to stop. He paused by the entrance when Brenda shouted for him to stop.

"Wait! Don't go out there!" Brenda skidded to a stop and grabbed Tad's arm. Of all the foolhardy moves Tad could have made -- this could have been his last.

Tad glared at her. "What if he needs help?"

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 11)

Author's Note: Sorry for being a day late! Also - thanks to Kindar for all his help on refining this chapter! :) I'm going to be posting a singular chapter from now on until this story is caught up. Enjoy!

Chapter 11

When Logan brushed by Brenda wordlessly, she froze, as she was swamped with his irritation. Closing her eyes, she took a moment to shake off the emotions after he left in his wake. She took a deep breath, then walked into the main area to greet Tad with a smile. "So, The sleeping beauty is awake at last! How do you feel?"

Tad made a face at her then shrugged. "Ehh. I'm tired, but... I think I'll live." He glanced past her, feeling troubled. He didn't know why he had stopped himself from telling Logan the truth. 

Brenda could sense that something had happened but courtesy told her to wait until Tad brought the subject up before prodding. Her power made it difficult for her to refrain from meddling into everyday matters, but her te…

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 10)

Author's Note: Thanks for Kindar for his help in proofing! :)

Chapter 10

Tad was in his room looking out his window at the forested scenery, when he heard a soft knock, snapping him out of his preoccupation with the latest revelation about his powers.  He called out to whoever was behind the door. "It's open."

Brenda swung the door open, walked in and smiled. "Hey."

Tad turned around, and blinked as he took in what Brenda was wearing: a purple t-shirt, and grey sweatpants. His voice held a trace of amusement at her attire, as he raised his eyebrow. "Going to P.E.?"

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 9)

Author's Note: Big Thanks to Kindar for helping clean this up! :)

Chapter 9

Tad had sat in the Ethics class quietly listening to the class discuss a particular ethical dilemma for the last twenty minutes. To his surprise it actually hadn't been that boring to listen to this time.

The Professor studied the group for a moment before speaking. "This may be a silly question, but what did any of you want to do when you grew up before you became a mutant?" He continued after a pause. "What were your hopes and dreams?"

Three students shifted uncomfortably in silent embarrassment.

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 8)

Author's Note: Big Thanks to deathklat and Kindar for their help in filling in character reactions, and suggestions!

Chapter 8

"So how'd you do?" Brenda grinned, then took a bite out of her sandwich.

The three of them were sitting on a blanket in front of a tall oak tree with Tad leaning against the trunk. He munched on his sandwich silently, then swallowed. "Umm, Not bad, I guess? It was kinda fun other than being attacked by holographic animals." He made short work of his sandwich, and reached for another one.

Brenda giggled. "At least it wasn't a gigantic robot or something coming after you!"

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 7)

Author's Note: Continual thanks to Kindar for his beta-reading help! :)

Chapter 7

Tad stood outside the large round metal doors leading to the Danger Room. Ororo smiled briefly, and pushed a button on the right side of the doors. They swooshed open.

Ororo walked inside first. "Here it is." She gestured expansively.

Tad followed behind her and the doors shut behind him. He stopped abruptly, his mouth open in shock. He saw a gigantic square room with a metal floor, wires, and what appeared to be metallic paneling adorning the walls. His voice was barely heard as he uttered, "Oh my god." He suddenly felt like he was in someplace out of a science fiction movie. .

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 6)

Author's Note: Major Kudos to deathklat again for suggestions, and tips and help on the dream sequence. :) Big thanks to Kindar for being so kind to critique this before I submitted it to another site. :)

Chapter 6

Logan walked hurriedly to his room - five doors down. He was trying to relax, but tension had coiled into his muscles after talking to Tad. He gritted his teeth as he threw the door open and nearly slammed it shut after him.

He rubbed his face vigorously and snarled, smelling Tad on his hands. He abruptly wiped his hands on his pants in a futile effort to get them free of his scent. "Dammit. What has he done to me?"

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 5)

Author's Note: Thanks to Kindar for his ever continuing help!

Chapter 5

Ororo and Tad were in the kitchen, conversing in quiet voices. They had a frozen pizza baking in the oven, as Brenda wandered into the kitchen, led by her nose. Her tone was a mocking scorn, even though her eyes were twinkling with amusement. "Pizza? After the work I went to making your lunch!"

Ororo chuckled, teasing Brenda by rolling her eyes. "Oh, just sit down. I just thought I'd take pity on him and make something simple -- my cooking is passable enough, but I don't feel like doing any tonight."

Tad shrugged. They were feeding him -- at least it wasn't gourmet food, then he might feel a smidgen of guilt.

Brenda glanced at him, but said nothing.