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X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 4)

Author's Note: Continued thanks to Kindar for his help! :)

Chapter 4

Minutes crept by in silence as he tried to put his attraction to Logan out of his mind. Chances were that Logan wasn't interested anyways. He rubbed his forehead in an attempt to force his thoughts to another subject -- Ororo, who had showed up at his door. She was a very nice lady, and probably a mutant, but he wondered what her 'powers' were. "Um, what can she do? Ororo? She's a mutant too, right?"

Brenda shook herself out of her thoughts. "Oh yeah, she is. She can kinda control weather -- call up winds, lightning, fog, etc."

Tad stared at her. The thought of a nice lady like her controlling all that made him a little uncomfortable but he supposed he could see the positive side of it. "Bet it makes for nice sunny days on picnics."

Brenda chuckled wryly. "...Something like that."

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 3)

Author Note: BIG THANKS to deathklat for his assistance regarding 'certain' matters involving our beloved Logan :D And more thanks for Kindar for his critiques and suggestions. 

Warning: Implicit Sexual situations in this chapter. 

Chapter 3

Tad was livid to think that just because one mutant professed they didn't pry without permission, here was another one who apparently didn't follow the same rules...

Brenda visibly winced at the onslaught coming from Tad.

She squeezed her eyes shut as she hastily erected the mental shield, just as the Professor had taught her. The waves of anger beat against them, but now she was able to think again.

She rubbed her temples, and glanced up at Tad with an apologetic expression. With a grimace, she sighed. "I didn't read your mind. It wasn't exactly hard to pick up your emotions."

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 2)

Author's Note - German Phrases used in this chapter: Mein Gott! (My God!) Also, many thanks to Kindar for beta-reading! :)

Chapter 2

Alarm flooded Professor Xavier as he thought quickly, getting to his feet, but Ororo beat him to Tad.
Tad laid there in a crumpled pile with a nasty oozing gash on his temple.

"Is he alright?"

Ororo bent over Tad, quickly looking him over, and withdrew a sharp breath. "He may need some stitches, but it doesn't seem life-threatening. It'd be prudent to check his vitals in Med Bay immediately."

X-men: Mutant Awakening (Ch. 1)

Here's another story of mine that I thought I'd post. A fanfiction based on X-men, and taking place after the third movie. This was also kinda influenced by the many many fics I saw with Logan being 'slashed' into what I consider 'fuck fics' - stories with varied pairs/orgies without any explanation, rhyme or reason to why he's screwing Scott Summers or others, other than what the author considers a hot pair. This is my, well, hopefully, story on how Logan/Wolverine COULD actually realize he could be gay. (Many thanks to my Beta-reader Kindar :))

Btw, if there are any necessary keywords that aren't listed for this entry, lemme know what I'm missing. :)

Chapter 1

A lanky man in his mid 20's was walking down the street at night. It was a chilly November night, but he didn't worry about anything since he knew this neighborhood, and he lived five blocks from his job.
It was almost time to go to his parent's house in a couple weeks for Thank…