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It's Wednesday. I'm too tired. I think I have a cold at the moment. I'll post the next chapter sometime on Thursday.

And no, it's not an April Fool's thing. I will have it posted.

I'm sorry if people were hoping for a new chapter tonight. It should be up tomorrow.


"Grizzly Science" - Prologue

Author's Note: Hello there! Here's a story I wrote a while ago, and thought would be a nice addition to the blog. Hope everyone enjoys! :)


Onto the I've heard it...

*cough* *ahem*...

People walked down the street in their own worlds. A few slowed then stopped to watch the news from a store-front window that hosted a multitude of televisions that all showed one channel -- KTAD 51. It was the most recent addition to the news channels the broadcasting companies owned.

"Now the news of the day -- Tech-Nol has made a breakthrough to cure cancer, and other terminal diseases without any side repercussions!"


Was having trouble deciding which story to post next. 
Tomorrow should see our regular updates. :) 

Flipping Out - Ch 10 (End)

"Flipping Out" (A Society of Weres Story)
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 10

Shawn was nuzzling Matt's neck - gently at first, then licking and biting softly. The taste of his lover's sweat was increasing his passion, making him grind against Matt with more insistence. Stilling his grinding movements with a little effort, he then trailed his lips up Matt's cheek to recapture his lips. He knew he could last at least three or four more times, due to his Were stamina. He wanted it to be more romantic this time.

Matt shivered in pleasure, caressing Shawn's sides, and holding him closer. The smell and feel of the sexy beast on top of him was making him light-headed with euphoria. His hands crept further down to cup Shawn's rounded cheeks then squeezed. His tail felt a bit cramped under him.

The candles continued to hover without their knowledge, along with all of books that were on the top level of a bookshelf.

Flipping Out - Ch 9

"Flipping Out" (A Society of Weres Story)
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 9

After several minutes of hot and sweaty groping, Shawn was nibbling on Matt's neck, driving him crazy with lust. He could smell Matt struggling to hold back his primal self. He licked Matt from his lower jawbone up to his earlobe, and whispered huskily. "Let go. Surrender to it."

Matt slowed his motions down, and whispered. "...How?"

Shawn simply grinned as his canines were prominently sharp. He kissed Matt full on the lips with passionate hunger, and trailed his lips over to Matt's neck. He growled loud enough for Matt to hear. "Like this."

Flipping Out - Ch 8

Author's Note: I apologize for not getting this out last night! Enjoy nevertheless! :)

"Flipping Out" (A Society of Weres Story)
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 8

Matt awoke again to the sensation of a fur-covered rug nearly on top of him, and a smile formed on his face. It was wonderful to be there, but he needed to get up. He was mildly surprised that his headache had disappeared, along with his soreness. Perhaps his Were condition was helping him recuperate faster?

He tried to move, but Shawn had snuggled and held on tighter. Matt wriggled slightly in the hopes of managing to free himself, but only managed to get a sleepy whisper in his ear.

"Trying to get me horny eh?"

Flipping Out - Ch 7

"Flipping Out" (A Society of Weres Story)
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 7

Matt groaned as Shawn playfully nibbled on his earlobe, traveling down his neck. Matt knew exactly what Shawn wanted -- the forceful grinding at his butt was an obvious hint. He wanted it too, but his reservations were being slowly worn down.

Matt's lust flooded through Shawn's nose, making him growl hungrily, and tugged at Matt's jeans impatiently. He pulled back with a grunt, and messed with Matt's zipper, and growled as it didn't cooperate.

Matt scooted backwards, and undid them, then did his best to wriggle out of them. Shawn helped get them the rest of the way off, then got off the bed.

Flipping Out - Ch 6

"Flipping Out" (A Society of Weres Story)
written by Gryphbear

Chapter 6

Matt could smell dinner, especially meat cooking. He was tempted to wander into the kitchen, but refrained from actually doing so. He decided that it might be safer to wait in the living room.

He touched his chin, feeling his face flush hotly. Matt had never felt a guy's touch inflame him as much as Shawn's had. His stomach was in knots, and wasn't sure if he was doing the right thing, but the older guy's touch had felt so right. Matt felt a little confused. Part of him wanted to run, but another part wanted to stay so badly.

He closed his eyes, and tried to relax.