Grizzly Science #2: Unlikely Friends (Ch. 11)

Author's Note:
Thanks to Bill for his help in getting the beginning parts started! I wanna give thanks to deathklat for his help on this as well! :)

Also – Sorry for being a bit late. Enjoy!

Chapter 11

Fifteen minutes later, Grant gathered their clothes for tonight's dinner, and bundled them neatly on the chair next to the tall sturdy dresser opposite the bed. He turned around, then leaned back against the wooden drawers. Grant exhaled softly, gazing around the room at the floor for something. "Mmm... now what? Ah. There's your sweats." He knelt halfway down to pick up the sweats, and tossed them to Vince.

Vince caught them with one hand then wriggled his feet through the leg holes, with a soft grunt. He managed to get them halfway up his legs, then he glanced at the big bear turning around to rummage through the third drawer from the top. He held his breath as he was treated to the majestic sight of rippling muscle and rounded globes which were spread apart slightly at that angle.
Grant muttered to himself quietly as he tried to find another pair of sweats that would fit him, then chuckled as he yanked a grey pair out. He stood up, and leaned against the edge of the dresser, putting them on. Turning around, he smirked when he noticed Vince's erection poking out between Vince's forearms. "Still staring at my ass, eh?"

Vince blushed, pulling the sweatpants over his crotch as far up as it'd go. "Umm... well..."

Grant grinned widely and strutted, making his crotch thrust forward as he walked toward the bed. "Mmm, well, I didn't say it was a bad thing, now, did I?" He winked and sat down by Vince's feet; Grant squeezed Vince's leg in affection, giving him a warm smile. "I should stop teasing you, shouldn't I?"

Vince swallowed noisily, as his cheeks were flushed with heat. "Er, I like the teasing..." He paused for a second, realizing something profound. His voice was quiet and inaudible as he murmured under his breath. "...I like you. a lot." He glanced downward not wanting to meet Grant's eyes.

Grant leaned forward, and frowned. "Sorry? I didn't catch that last part?" He was starting to get slightly worried about Vince drifting off like that at random. He suspected some of it was due to his situation, but he was wondering if there wasn't something else involved. "Vince? What's going on in that head of yours, boy?" He reached for Vince's hand and squeezed it to snap him out of his thoughts.

Vince blinked, then glanced upward, finding himself staring into Grant's expressive eyes. His heart suddenly fluttered, and skipped a beat. A warm feeling swept through him at seeing Grant's obvious concern, then he smiled wanly at Grant. "It's no big deal. Just ... nothing important."

Grant cocked his head slightly in puzzlement, but not at the words Vince had uttered. Strange emotions flitted through him filled with sweetness and solidness. Different feelings flashed through him: confusion, warmth, and safety. He let go of Vince's hand, and the world shifted back to normal. Grant blinked, then saw Vince staring at him oddly. He smiled, partly to cover up his confusion and partly to reassure Vince. "...Alright. Fair enough."

Grant paused, then looked at him again, and spoke in a quiet voice. "If there's ever anything you want to talk about, we're here for you -- together or either one of us." In an attempt to lighten the mood, he grinned warmly. "C'mon, pull 'em up and I'll show you the rest of the place."

Vince smiled, feeling relief as Grant's momentarily odd behavior melted away. He wasn't really sure what was going on, but he didn't care as long as the mood was shifted to something more pleasant. He lifted his hips slightly, pulling the sweats up, then he swung his legs over the edge of the bed.
Grant squeezed Vince's shoulder, then got to his feet to walk toward the door. He glanced backwards momentarily to see Vince getting up to follow. He smiled, then stepped into the hallway. "Well, you know where the bathroom, living room, and kitchen are." He made his way to the bathroom door, and pointed to the left. "Walk in closet -- mostly tools and storage."

Vince nodded, as Grant led him further down the hallway to the right of the bathroom. He saw a washer and dryer set inside a boxed wall, then looked at the walls. There were not many photos, but he noticed a few hanging of what seemed to be family members, and only a couple of Brent and Grant. His eye was caught by a simple framed photo of what looked like Grant with a young boy of about fifteen years old. He paused, stepped closer, and peered curiously. To his mild shock, the man was the spitting image of Grant, but the photo itself looked dated, and set in the 1800's. "Who's this?"

Grant slowed to a stop, then turned around in puzzlement, "Hm? Oh!" He walked back to Vince, and sighed wistfully at recognizing the photo. Memories of that day flashed in his mind as he smiled sadly. "That was my father. He passed away when I was 20 of a heart attack."

Vince murmured softly. "Oh. I'm sorry."

Grant shook his head and draped his arm around Vince's shoulders, squeezing tightly. "Nah. It was a long time ago."

Vince spoke again, with curiosity tingeing his voice. "Yeah. What's the deal though? He looks exactly like you -- and the outfits? It looks like you came out of the 1800's."

Grant chuckled lightly as he revisited the memories. "I was fourteen when that was taken. He'd been so proud of me -- I'd just made the track team then in high school." He exhaled wistfully, shifting his focus to the present. "To celebrate, he took me out to eat, and we'd gotten our picture snapped at a business that was doing eighteenth-century photos after that."

Vince was silent, then rested his head on Grant's shoulder. "Ah. Sounds like he was proud of you..." He couldn't imagine losing someone he loved -- both of his parents were still alive, but he realized that he was effectively an orphan at the moment. He closed his eyes, feeling despair flit through him before he bottled it down.

Grant spoke gruffly, feeling bittersweet emotions sweep through him. "He was. I miss him but he's in a good place." He blinked for a second, then smiled. "Now you know a little more about me. I wanna show you the computer room." Grant had considered converting the computer room into a guest room this morning while waiting for Vince to wake up, but it all hinged on whether Brent would still agree to letting the boy stay. Grant pulled Vince toward the open door at the back of the hallway. 

Vince spoke in a slightly hopeful tone, "Computer room? You guys have a computer?"

Grant chuckled in amusement, as they entered the next room. "Yeah, It's mainly Brent's, although I do some e-mail on it once a week or so."

Vince took in the details of the room -- two sturdy tables stood against the walls. One was in front containing a desktop computer, and computer essentials on a small bookshelf to the right of it. The other table was against the left wall, and held several small card-board boxes of model car props to the side, and a half-finished car sitting in the middle of that table.

Looking to his right, Vince noticed a closed four-panel door that presumably opened up to a walk-in closet. When he returned his gaze to the left wall, he blinked, seeing several vintage cars on a shelf.

Vince's mouth opened in awe, as he broke away from Grant to get closer to the shelf. "Those are cool."

Grant's smile grew proud. "Those I've done. It's a recent hobby of mine. I usually work on them when the mood strikes me." He stepped forward, and rubbed Vince's lower back. Grant sneaked his hand downward, then squeezed Vince's butt, and chuckled. "I should really put that pizza away. You could look at the cars -- just don't touch them."

Vince jumped slightly and grinned. He leaned into Grant's body, and spoke quietly. "Umm, what about the computer? I'd love to look around on it...?"

Grant moved his hand to Vince's hip and squeezed him closer, then let go. He shrugged before speaking. "I dunno if Brent would mind if you went on the computer. He's a bit touchy about people using it, other than me. I'd have to ask him when he gets home."

Vince nodded, feeling slightly disappointed. It made sense -- he was still virtually a stranger, having been here only a day so far. He kept his face straight as he spoke. "No problem. I'll just have to sneak in here when you two are sleeping and look around..." His mouth quirked upward as he looked up at Grant.

Grant laughed, playing along. "I suppose I'll have to chain you to the couch in order to prevent that, hmm?"

Vince pasted a mock-horror expression on his face. "Oh no, not the chains!" He broke out in a grin.

Grant smacked Vince's butt. "Silly boy. We've got DVDs if you wanna watch a movie in the living room while I put the pizza away." He ruffled Vince's hair, and walked out of the room.

Moments later, Vince took another look around the room, and half-way wishing he could look on the computer, then shrugged, following behind Grant. Hopefully Brent would let him check his web-email, at the very least.
* * *
As he followed Grant, he couldn't tear his eyes away from the older bear's back muscles in motion. It made him want to kiss it, and rub up and down the spine with his hands, then down to the rounded globes covered with sweatpants... Vince mentally groaned as he felt stirrings in his loins, and tried to relax himself, even though he knew that Grant would be happy to help out. Everything about Grant begged to be cuddled, to be made love to, and to get down and wild. Doubt niggled at the back of his mind.

Was Grant simply a convenient way for him to have a 'Dad' figure? The tour had made him realize that Grant was actually hoping for him to stick around, even though there was a fifty-fifty chance he'd be out on the street in a couple days. No one really would give a tour unless they expected you to stay... right? Am I worrying too much? Maybe I should just relax and enjoy the time I do have left here anyway, no matter how things turn out. Vince shrugged, pausing at the entrance into the living room, and watched Grant bring the pizza boxes to the kitchen counter.

Grant smiled at Vince as he walked by. "They're on the shelves by the TV. Pick whatever you'd like to see." He'd noticed that Vince had gone distant again, and he was about to pry, then decided against it. If Vince wanted to share, then he'd listen. Right now, the food had to be put in the fridge.
Once the pizza was tucked away in the refrigerator, he saw that Vince still staring at DVDs, and his eye wandered down Vince's back to his form-hugging sweatpants. He licked his lips and exhaled quietly, trying to relax his dick. He shut his eyes tightly, then managed to subdue his erection. He knew it'd be a matter of time before he had to get off again, but it would be simple enough to drag both of them into the bedroom again. That is, if Vince was in the mood at that time. I'd love to play, but I shouldn't push him too much.

Vince blinked as Grant spoke to him, then moved to the shelves and glanced at the titles without really focusing on them. He needed something to take his mind off things, and ran across a corny science fiction movie called Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy after several minutes of browsing. He hoped it'd be a perfect antidote to his depressing train of thought, so he pulled the DVD out. He was mildly startled by Grant's warm hand on his shoulder.

Grant smiled softly, and tapped the DVD case with his finger. "Ah, that's one of Brent's favorites. Good choice." He plucked the DVD out of Vince's hands, and loaded it into the player, then turned the TV on. He walked back to the couch, carrying the DVD remote, and pulled the blanket over the back cushions.

Grant turned, and laid down in a half-sitting position with his back against the groove at the corner of the couch. He grinned, reaching toward the coffee table to retrieve a new cigar from it's case, and his lighter, then settled backwards against the couch arm. His leg was against the back cushion of the couch, while the other was draped over the edge. Grant gestured for Vince to join him.  "There's still plenty of room. We can cover up and snuggle while we watch the movie."

Vince grinned, feeling a bit better already. It was an offer he didn't want to refuse. He nearly scrambled over the coffee table -- but at the last moment decided to go around it to crawl into Grant's lap. He laid down with his head between Grant's chest and stomach fur, and found himself surprisingly comfortable, despite the limited room on the couch. He felt the blanket settle onto his body, and snuggled even closer to Grant.

Grant stifled a moan when Vince pushed up against his body, and almost lost his control over the nanites, but his will kept things nice and soft. He was still sorely tempted to start fooling around, but if he got his way, there'd be a lot more time... After  Vince settled down comfortably, he started to light up his stogie, and took a few puffs to get it going, then put the lighter back on the table. After that, he reached for the remote and started the movie.

* * *

A hour later, Vince was firmly pressed against Grant's front in a comfortable snuggle. He was feeling slightly drowsy from their combined warmth under the blanket, and hummed quietly in pleasure. He could feel Grant's hand rubbing up and down his spine lazily. Vince was only half-listening to the movie. At first, he'd watched it for the first half hour without missing anything, but after that, he'd started drifting into relaxation again.

Grant took a drag on his cigar, and exhaled the smoke, watching it drift into the air. He glanced at Vince's sleepy expression, and smiled. Still vaguely surprised that he wasn't wanting to rip his boy's clothes off, he entertained the naughty thought anyway for a second, then rubbed the back of Vince's neck softly. Resuming his smoking, he turned his attention to the movie, and laughed quietly.

Vince blinked slowly, and shifted his gaze upward with a quizzical smile. "What?"

Grant half-smiled down at his boy. "You look like you caught a canary. Enjoying the movie?" He tapped his cigar on the ashtray, then held it in midair. His gaze returned to Vince's face; As his other hand was tucked behind his head, he stretched his back up and outward slightly, then settled back against the couch.

Vince glanced at the TV, then at Grant, and grinned happily. "Yeah. It's one of my favorite movies." He started to shift his weight, and felt his back twinge sharply, making him gasp. With a wince of pain, he slowly moved away from Grant and sat on the other end of the couch. He squeezed his eyes closed while he rubbed his lower back, and trying to keep himself in the least painful posture.

Grant frowned deeply, concern written all over his face, as he crawled over to Vince's side. "What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" He made no move to touch Vince, other than to sit down next to him.

Vince chuckled weakly as he sat stiffly upward. "No, nothing like that. My back doesn't like being contorted like that. Just a little thing from an accident when I was a kid..."

Grant patted Vince's hand soothingly. "Oh, I see. Maybe I could try giving you a back rub? Would that help?" He felt half-way guilty of possibly making Vince's back issue worse, but this way he could at least maybe make up for it. He'd not gotten any complaints when he'd given Brent a massage.

Vince turned his head, trying not to move his body, and smiled. Humor sparkled in his eyes. "Sure. I'd be nuts to turn that down!"


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