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Grizzly Science Bios

(Thanks to Lykanthrope for the drawing!)

A towering man at 6'3", he packs on the muscle of a bodybuilder gone to seed, and carries a nice gut. He has dark black hair, and blue-golden eyes, with quite a bit of fur on his body. Initially, he had a cynical and pessimistic world view, but after meeting Brent, it underwent a radical change. Personality-wise, he's a warm and friendly man with a sense of humor tinged with sexual lasciviousness.

A list of his hobbies to date:

- Likes to read Books:
   - Historical Antecdotes
   - Science Fiction Short Stories
   - Certain Mystery Serials
- Watches TV/Movies/News Occasionally
   - Genres
   - Comedy
- Foreign
- Action/Adventure
- Drama
- Historical
- Occasional Fantasy/Sci Fi Movie
- Likes to put together models of Vintage Cars
- Basic Computer Operation - Email, Surfing websites of Model Cars
- Good Cook

His favorite two things: 

Sex. SEX. Sweaty, hard, blistering hot sex. 
And a nice relaxing cigar. 

He takes information from his company, plugs it into the computer, and then prints papers out occasionally. His job as a computer worker isn't his favorite thing in the world, but he's almost up for retirement. 

Also, a new picture has been unearthed by an artist friend of mine of Grant... Hope everyone enjoys this one! (Grant Relaxing - Drawn by NessEggMan)

More Fanart: ("Grant having a blast!" by Gonk from Y!Gallery.)

(No picture yet)

A stout man similar in physique as Grant, he's slightly shorter, with a reddish pelt all over, and a shortly trimmed beard. Sporting green eyes, he always has a twinkle in his eye. A bit carefree as well, but he tends to exhibit caution more often than Grant. He has an intense interest in scifi and fantasy things, and is a computer whiz, which helps him in his job as a Tech-Nol employee. He is mainly responsible for ensuring the nanites are properly programmed, and distributed to the right patient.

His favorite thing to do is unwind and watch old Scifi movies.

The rest of his hobbies to date:

- Watches TV/Movies Occasionally
   - Genres
- Comedy
- Romance
- Science Fiction/Fantasy (Occasional)
- Drama
- Action/Adventure
- Computer Geek - Programming, Surfing, Email, Gen. Tech Guy.
- Secret: He browses anthromorphic art.
- Basic Cook
- Plays Pool

The rest coming soon. 

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