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Grizzly Science - Ch. 9

Chapter 9

Grant suddenly broke his grip, facing away from Brent, and feeling dread well up inside him. "Oh. Umm... what colors?"

Brent cocked his head slightly to his right, with a curious expression.

"Um...a very nice golden rim around the outside edge of your iris of both eyes, and when they change -- your irises change to a sort of blueish gold."

He stepped closer, reaching out with his hand. "Why? What's wrong?"


Grizzly Science - Ch. 8

Chapter 8

Brent noted the readings on the display screen of the scanner, feeling relieved.

Grant was whimpering with his arms crossed over his chest, and rocking from the side to side, not really paying attention to anything around him.

Brent shook his head and sighed, hoping the pain would pass soon. He touched and shook Grant's forearm slightly, trying to get Grant's focus on him.

"Grant? Look at me."


Grizzly Science - Ch. 7

Chapter 8

Rain pattered on the roof of the house, as Grant opened his eyes to darkness, with light slipping in through curtains around the room. His first thought was that it was morning.

His second and resigned thought that he would have to go into work.

Grant pulled himself upright, and his feet onto the carpet. He sighed, dangling his arms between his legs. He wondered if he should call in sick. Even if he felt fine now -- perhaps it might be best to do that.


Grizzly Science - Ch. 6

Chapter 6

Halfway home, his doubts began to manifest in his mind, as he tapped against the steering wheel at a stop light.

Did he really do the right thing? Were these nanites supposed to help him? It was one thing to see the nanites being injected into his IV tube, and another thing to know that they were actually *inside* him.

So far, he hadn't witnessed any miraculous changes, but Brent had mentioned it took up to two hours for it to be apparent.


Grizzly Science - Ch. 5

Chapter 5

Grant had gotten to the treatment center, and was struck by how utilitarian the outside looked -- just a glass and metal building with very little shrubbery around.

He hesitated outside the glass doors out of sheer nervousness, and shook himself mentally, then walked inside.

Grant had put out the glowing ember at the end of his cigar in his car's ashtray before leaving the car, and left his cigar in it's case on his seat.


Grizzly Science - Ch. 4

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Chapter 4

Once out of the hospital, He waited on a bench outside the hospital doors for a cab. Sitting there, he pulled out the card, and studied it.

Shock filled his face at the realization that the appointment was later that day -- at two p.m. And it was pushing fifteen minutes before nine a.m.


Grizzly Science - Ch. 3

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Chapter 3

Cold crisp air greeted his sensitive nose, as he sniffed upward all around him, feeling as if he should be looking for something. Something felt missing.

A strange scent wafted over to his nose from the south, and he started leaping and running in that direction, irresistibly drawn to it. It seemed as if he'd find something precious to him soon.

He slowed to a stop when he lost track of the scent. He curiously sniffed the air around him, then he noticed the lake in front of him, only several feet ahead. He was suddenly thirsty.


"Grizzly Science" - Ch. 2

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Chapter 2

Half a year passed as Tech-Nol and each hospital in the capitals of all the USA coordinated their efforts to spread the benefits of nanotechnology. Hospitals were given a guideline of priorities who would receive nanotreatment. The guidelines specified that certain criteria had to be present as prioritized:


Grizzly Science - Ch. 1

"Grizzly Science" Written by Gryphbear

Chapter 1

A man dressed in a lab coat puttered around his research notes, muttering softly to himself, feeling frantic while he scanned the thousands of lines of coding for the nanites. He shook his head, "They shouldn't have announced it so soon."

His brown hair stuck out anywhere there was nothing restraining it, as he pushed his oval glasses up his nose again, frowning at the latest programming batch for the nanites. "Hmm. What's this?"

He peered closer at a particular group of lines then smiled brightly with relief, feeling flushed that he managed to track down the issue.

"That's it. That's what was doing it! No wonder it slowed down in half of the trials last week."